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15 May 2015 | 23:11

I think this is going to be quite informal.


I cannot stop listening to this.

Today was anxiety-free. I hung out with a few people that I had really been missing. 229 more words

Hong Kong ministers and officials slow to sign petition supporting Beijing's pro-reform plan

By Tong Cheun 
South China Morning Post

Campaigners collect signatures in favour of political reform. Photo: EPA

Barely more than half of the 38 political appointees to the government have either signed or said they would sign a petition in support of the official reform proposal to achieve universal suffrage in 2017. 543 more words


“I agree with the message of this post but the wording is too passive-aggressive or manipulative for me to feel comfortable reblogging it”: a constant Tumblr experience.


Sometimes, all of a sudden you get a flock of new followers and you have no idea how did that happen and where they come from and you wanna thank them but don’t know what to say.

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my favorite thing is asexuals trying to explain sexual attraction to other asexuals bc it always ends up like

Ace 1: idk what it is. do u know what it is?
Ace 2: I mean I guess it’s kind of like when you really want pizza but? 11 more words