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Have To Stop Hating Myself

It doesn t seem as obvious as it did years ago. I eat pretty well and do basic things to take care of myself, so probably I haven t even recognized it really. 81 more words

I Need Help Please

I was sexually abused for about 5 years by my biological father. I was also neglected as I rarely has food and never balanced meals. I have been diagnosed with PTSD, BPD, OCPD. 75 more words

Howard Payne University Celebrates 125 Years of Street Closures and Keeping Students in Debt

Howard Payne University recently celebrated their 125 year anniversary of being in Brownwood by announcing plans to keep Brown County residents in debt for another 125 years. 321 more words



she was six already
when she found out,
there was no attention
but a lot of hurry.

the young girl sees
time, a seldom guest… 92 more words


Guy quits job after five years to become a dog walker

Walking dogs is pretty fun. Definitely don’t blame the guy.


Zoology - Ben Dolnick

So last week’s theme was ‘a book with a one word title’ – somehow, amidst our plethora of books at home, there was not one book that fitted this theme that I hadn’t already read. 368 more words


2015, March 16 – 360 - charity

ashamed of my wealth (5)
I worked hard for many years (7)
Is it fair to share? (5)