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16 Years Since Prostitution, Some Tips About What What Is Happening In Sweden

16 Years Since Prostitution, Some Tips About What Is Happening in Sweden Is prostitution fundamentally exploitative? Or could it be it is enhanced to optimize equality and independence for all concerned? 133 more words

Ptsd From These Events...is It Possible?

After my wife of 9 years left me a year ago, she began to engage in threesome sex, sex with strangers, sex with married couples and married men…sex during her work hours in a high school… she relayed this info to me. 64 more words

Celebrating Two Years of Marriage

My husband and I just celebrated two years of marriage! What a wonderful two years it has been. We have went through a house, a dog, a baby girl, a youth ministry job, a daycare job, and losing both jobs at the same time. 650 more words


Drought? What drought?

After years of struggling to keep your lawn green despite watering restrictions, the situation has turned around in a hurry.  As of May 27, Lake Lewisville s water level has officially jumped 20 feet versus just one year ago.   71 more words

Gold price crashed!! The best buy signal for years has just arrived. Why? How?

How and why paper gold just crashed the market. A difference is being forced between physical and paper precious metals. GLD dying. Trust in Fed gold reserves dying. 19 more words

Who are the 10 married live couple with the longest wedding anniversaries together?

89 years, 154 days of marriage, United Kingdom

Karam Chand was born on November 1, 1905 while Kartari Chand was on November 1, 1912. They were married on December 11, 1925. 440 more words


New Year's Resolutions Update #4

Hello there 🙋👋

Well, here’s another update 💁 (shrug).

If you haven’t checked out my New Year’s Resolutions blog post you can click here

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