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Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Today was Amelia’s FIRST birthday party. Her actual birthday is on Wednesday (April Fool’s Day),┬áso she isn’t actually one yet, but geez she is close! 1,279 more words

Year One

Baby Photos!

BoomBoom’s first official baby photos! I know I’m super late on having BmBm’s official baby photos taken. So last week I hit up a friend and talented photographer to shoot BmBm in all his mushy, squishy, adorable, playful baby glory. 498 more words

Baby Lookbook

Track 8: Bring your Friends

This was very bad. This was very, very, very bad. From what I understand, in a hostage situation, the ideal is to have the negotiators be calm, rational people who can talk the other person down. 2,405 more words

Nathan Jacobs

"Mom" Identification Achieved

You said your first adult words! Last week you called me “mMOMmm” and “mmMOMMA.” You said my name so early that I didn’t think much of it at first! 109 more words

Baby Lookbook

Year 1, Day 403

The panned crew for Explorer I launch on their first flight together on Pioneer V – a science survey mission to Minmus. The mission arrives on Y1 D403. 84 more words

Year One

Year 1, Day 391

Scout 3 is launched Y1 D391 in a launch window to Duna, carrying a full sensor package capable of mapping Duna in the same way Minmus and Mun are currently being mapped. 32 more words

Year One

Next step… Duna! But how…?

With Pioneer IV returning safely talk begins of the “Next Step” – a mission to Duna! Every mission from this point on will have an eye towards testing systems and crew for a mission to Duna.

Year One