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Track 4: And Now I Bite The Dust

I didn’t meet John at the predetermined time. I had the suspicion that either John had come in while I was talking to Bai and Eliza or had seen them leave. 5,556 more words

Nathan Jacobs

Track 3: Preparing for Fight Night

As I mentioned before, Nowhere Island is an L-shaped sandbar. On the corner is an airfield that heads west towards the main campus. The main campus itself is kind of a small town. 5,334 more words

Nathan Jacobs

Track 2: In Which You Get an Explanation

Ok, re-reading that first chapter, I think you might have a few questions. Some of them being “Who is this guy telling this story?” “What is this place?” “Is he some kind of spy? 3,172 more words

Nathan Jacobs

Track 1: Welcome to NIU (Glad You Aren’t Here)

Well this is just great, I thought as I tripped and fell again. Fifty-five pounds of gear began to push my face into the water that had begun to pool into the crater I fell in every day. 1,892 more words

Nathan Jacobs

Film Industry: Hollywood and Beyond - Presentation on RKO Pictures

Here’s a recording of my assessed presentation in Hollywood and Beyond. We chose to discuss RKO and the star system focusing on Ginger Rogers. The presentation, although group assessed, rather than myself as an individual, was one of my lowest grades. 37 more words

Assessed Work

Film Industry I: Hollywood New Wave Cinema

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Year: First Year
Grade: First Class (specific grade currently unavailable).

This was most likely my favourite piece of writing from my first year. 118 more words

Assessed Work