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Track 11: Nathan Jacobs and the Chamber of Horrors

Things quieted down for a while after that. We still did plenty of firearms training, the daily run, hand-to-combat and various stretches. We also started on first aid like CPR, dealing with concussions, shock, and dealing with bleeding. 2,586 more words

Nathan Jacobs

Batman: Year One, The Year That was The Dark Knight

  Batman Year One is Frank miller’s take on The Dark Knight’s rookie period, that’s told through a comparison of lieutenant James Gordon new arrival in Gotham as well. 864 more words


Month Six

Congratulations BmBm, you’ve reached level 6!

You’ve talked, sat, and crawled backwards to get to this point. We’re halfway to the complete download of your first year! 34 more words

Baby Lookbook

Year One Level 6

BoomBoom levels up 6 months!

These past few weeks have been very eventful for you. You’ve said your first words, including “Mom, Momma,” and “wow.” All are super stressed syllables that ran on continuously in the beginning, but slowly you kept saying them until you said them singularly. 108 more words

Baby Lookbook

Music Favorites // March

March was a glorious month for music for me. I had the privilege of seeing Hozier this month, which was incredible. His albums do not do justice to his voice and talent. 173 more words

Year One

Introduction to Dance Pedagogy

The final section we are learning about in freshman seminar is dance pedagogy.  We were broken up into groups of three and given the task to teach a contemporary class at our chosen level.  368 more words

Year One

Second Composition Solo

We have been working with a few different ideas for creating movement in composition lately.  One of those ideas was exploring a finger roller coaster within the space.  170 more words

Year One