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saying yes to changing conversations (otherwise known as being busy while good and tired)

“How are you?”
“Good, you?”

I hate to admit it, but I’m an eavesdropper.

Not that I listen in on important conversations that are really none of my business – I’m an observer.   968 more words

things are finally looking up

For the last seven months, I’ve been without a job (I started working with a temp agency for a little starting in February, but the assignments were few and far in between) . 673 more words


saying yes to recognizing the ugly (otherwise known as giving up the rose colored glasses)

I turned 23 two weeks ago.

23 feels old.  Not wise, but old.

I’m the kind of person who thrives on birthdays.  I love my birthday.   1,031 more words

new years resolutions

I’ve noticed that if I don’t write, in some shape or form, I go crazy. Same goes for reading. And quite frankly, I don’t do enough of both, but this year, without postulation, I will write down what I know I want to achieve this year. 461 more words



Name’s Irene. No, it’s not my real name. I use a pen name, always have. Some of you may remember me from my old blog, … 113 more words


Year of Yes

Here in Louisville, things have been anything but calm in the recent days (read: weeks). Fall formal recruitment officially kicks off tonight, with the rushees attending their very first recruitment parties tomorrow afternoon. 806 more words

A Day In The Life