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How To: Avoid the tourists in Paris

Paris; the world-renowned capital of love, food and culture. The city receives a whopping 45 million visitors annually thanks to signature sights such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Notre-Dame. 751 more words

Year Abroad

National PT Day

And no, ‘PT’ doesn’t stand for Portugal…

Today I’m doing something that I didn’t think I’d be doing in my entire life. I’m going to the gym for a session with a personal trainer. 691 more words

Year Abroad

May 21st

As is the running theme of this week, Thursday brought with it another ending with another set of goodbyes. This time, at Kammerchor Nürnberg.

As usual, Choir Friend picked me up at 18:30 but before we headed off, she handed me a little present – a W. 407 more words

Year Abroad

May 20th

Just as with every week before it, Wednesday rolled along and brought with it my 6am alarm, a very early drive to work with my host mother, and a lesson planned and ready for my Grade 5 class. 565 more words

Year Abroad

Should I quit my Erasmus job? – On failure, scrutiny and starting again

Nobody likes to admit failure. Especially not when seemingly every move you make is pored over by friends and family back home who are bursting with pride at brave old you being abroad. 2,099 more words

Third Year Abroad

May 18th

For my last lesson with my 7th Grade class on Monday morning, I decided to plan a lesson around the story of Finn McCool. This is a fun little folk tale often taught to children in Northern Ireland; it discusses how our natural geography came to be the way it is today with Lough Neagh in the middle of the country and the… 282 more words

Year Abroad

May 17th

One of the last trips Jena Friend and I wanted to make before leaving Germany was to Dachau, and no, not solely for the typical reason. 410 more words

Year Abroad