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[Pastéis de] Belém: Lisbon Part 2

Following on from my previous blog post about my trip to Lisbon last weekend, this entry is going to focus on the culinary highlight of my visit, spending our Saturday afternoon in Belém. 874 more words

Year Abroad

A Grand Plan

This blog won’t start for a while but just as an introduction my name is Gareth and her name is Zanele. We’re going to Australia and stopping off in Hong Kong for a few days. 45 more words


Oil tasting at Fantoio Berti

Oil is a massive part of Italian life. At University I would maybe go through one bottle for the whole 9 months away from home, but here in Italy, sharing with 2 italians means we buy a new bottle every month – and it is not cheap! 604 more words

Year Abroad

The rain in Spain falls mainly in Bilbao

You know that nursery rhyme, ‘The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plane’? Well I’ve decided after this weekend that actually, the rain in Spain falls mainly in Bilbao. 693 more words


Paris is always a good idea

By living in Spain this year I’ve been cheating on my one true love. My love of over 10 years, in comparison to the measly 2 years that I’ve studied Spanish. 1,152 more words


Bonnie Scotland

As much as I have enjoyed France and as much as this makes me sound like a baby… I miss Scotland almost constantly. It’s not just the country itself obviously, it’s my family and friends and my life back home. 472 more words


Wow. So Marrakesh was definitely a more intense holiday than I’ve had in a while. Such a vibrant city it was full of noise and colour and the smell of spices and cooking tagines, every corner and new street was a feast for your senses. 618 more words