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Sunday Funday Part 1: Cabo da Roca

Onde a terra se acaba e o mar começa.   (Luís de Camões)

Yesterday, Matteo, Tabea and I decided to go on a Sunday Funday adventure. The plan was to get the train to Cascais, then the bus to and back from Cabo da Roca, before renting free bicycles and cycling to the Praia do Guincho. 1,661 more words

Year Abroad

Vacances d'hiver ~ Paris

Warning: This is very late and very long!! I’d apologise for all the Photos, but realistically they are the best part as my writing leaves a lot to be desired and I just use it to space out the photos haha. 925 more words


A weekend in Siena

We left earlier than needed in the morning as we hadn’t yet bought our tickets for the bus. After an hour of people pointing us in different directions to the bus stop, it arrived and we climbed on for an hour and half trip to Siena. 272 more words


Why the mental is political

TW: ptsd, depression, flashbacks, panic, ableism (or as I call it: the daily struggle)

I’m on my year abroad and I feel trapped.

Some people may just say it’s just homesickness and it’s normal and that I’ll get over it. 1,319 more words

A strange encounter

“Haven’t you found any nice boys here yet?” Marciel asked me, as we sunbathed on the rooftop pool terrace. He was tucking into the most unappetising piece of toast I have ever seen. 796 more words

Year Abroad

That London Year


The official graduation ceremony had been held and they’d sent me the certificate. Yay for that. Now, while I didn’t make my way back to London for the occasion I had been wanting to put together the videos I randomly took during my stay. 42 more words


It's Almost Over..

I go home next Thursday for the Easter holidays. I don’t have a return flight to Nantes booked because I have no idea when my exams are, but I’ll be coming back for those. 260 more words