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Beautiful and Boring - Ida (2013)

The wrong film to pick if you suffer from A.D.D.  So this is about a nun in her final days before she takes her vows.  Her superior encourages her to do a little bit of soul searching before she gives the final commitment, and this focuses on her discovering a dark family secret during her time away.   358 more words


Driving with Tom - Locke (2013)

Captivating.  So this is about a construction manager who is a man of his principles (Tom Hardy).  He has his mind made up to make a very long journey via car on a night where his entire life is about to change.   552 more words



By Antxón Gómez & Maria Puig
Agency: Paradigma
Production Co: Monkey Films
Direction: J.A.Bayona
Year: 2013


Coachwhip Eating Diamondback Rattler

COMMON NAME — (1) Coachwhip, (2) Western Diamondback
SCIENTIFIC NAME — (1) Coluber flagellum, (2) Crotalus atrox
FAMILY — (1) Colubridae, (2) Viperidae
ORDER — (1) (2) Squamata… 609 more words


Somebody You Don't Want to Be Friends with - Dom Hemingway (2013)

My favorite opening monologue of the year.  This is about a safe-cracker (Jude Law) recently out from serving twelve years in prison.  He tries to reclaim the money that he’s owed for serving his stint, and attempts to reconnect with his estranged daughter.   465 more words


Abduction Has Never Been so Appealing - Under the Skin (2013)

Hypnotizing.  This is about an alien entity that comes to Earth.  It steals the skin of a human (Scarlett Johansson) and proceeds to take males out of commission in Scotland, one by one.  621 more words