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Three anti-social skills to improve your writing

‘You need social skills to have a conversation in real life — but they’re quite different from the skills you need to write good dialogue. Educator Nadia Kalman suggests a few “anti-social skills,” like eavesdropping and muttering to yourself, that can help you write an effective dialogue for your next story.’

Test yourself!

Year 10

'How unconscious bias holds us back'

How far do we judge others for being different to us?

Quite often, if we’re to believe this article.

Consider the implications for your research and application to the gender and power question!

Develop your opinion here!

Year 12

Election 2015: The death of the campaign poster

‘The parties keep launching election posters but when was the last time you actually saw one in the street? Are we witnessing the death of political advertising?’ Have we killed persuasive language?

Year 12

Alistair Beaton's "Parlez-Vous Politics?"

‘A phrase book for Electionland, with handy translations to help you understand what on earth they’re talking about.’

With key phrases like, ‘Let me make this crystal clear’ being defined as ‘Let me repeatedly avoid answering the question. 38 more words

Year 12

'Goldeneye - Bond Arrives in Cuba'

Thanks go to Kieran for sending me these useful clips! You’ll see more cropping up as we get nearer to the exams.

Some interesting stimulus for a gender discussion here! 20 more words

Year 12