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It's April Fools Day!

Yay! The one day I can be myself and blame the date.

It’s not my fault … I promise :P

Venting & Other "bleh" Scribbles

Artist Spotlight: Kathleen Marcotte

Hey all! Check out my sister Kathleen Marcotte‘s recent work! She’s an illustrator at American Greetings and MICA alumna. Here’s an example of her awesome work. 15 more words

music and drawings

Hi, as I said I’d be sharing some of the stuff I’ve made myself, and to be honest ._. I’m not very proud of this and I believe it sucks T_T but that’s why I’m posting it ^~^ there are a ton of people out there who are capable of amazing works of art compared to that thing up there -.- 164 more words


Hai hai, ^_^

Random person here, feel free to read this. ._. Eh so hai….again? Yeah again I said hi at the beggening dur~. This is my very first post!! 143 more words

A little woop woop

Hey guys!

So, I’m still kinda sad about my dog but, I also can’t help but be happy that he didn’t suffer. I mean literally only yesterday he was still jumping around and eating well and apart from being half deaf and blind and well, old, he was a perfectly healthy dog. 249 more words

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0.1 - So, a few years have gone by...

So before leaving for work, Maxell Vargas decided to give Lukas one of his favorite flying sessions. His boy had just his 4th birthday, and his daddy senses tells him that flying sessions with Lukas will soon end. 1,834 more words


Prologue - The Birth of the Legacy Founder (also a continuer - Huh?!)

The Vargas family decided on actually spending time together by doing stuff on their house’s rooftop, such as looking through the telescope during daylight, playing foosball by yourself, and relaxing on the lounging chair while staring at who knows what. 364 more words