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Because I need to celebrate the little things

So I successfully got a car. A metallic pumpkin orange dodge neon. I only had some minor anxiety shakes from driving it home. There’s nothing like being able to get around on your own steam. 321 more words

Tie Dye Tapestry

My mom gave me a white sheet… boy was she mad when she saw this haha!

Turned out SO COOL!!


Summer 2015 bonJOY!

A few months ago I wrote about the delightful bonJOY box I ordered, the first of its kind.  BonJOY boxes are available quarterly and I decided I definitely wanted to see what the second one held. 626 more words

Bits Of Life

Reviews: Windows Phone

Before I begin, it came to our attention that tomorrow is going to be our 50th post! That’s huge news for 2 people who do not finish many things or continue to do things for long periods of time. 316 more words

Personal Stuff

A day in the life

Wondering what it’s like out here on the trail? Well, wonder no more.

A day on the AV1 most likely goes something like this:

  1. Waking up…
  2. 723 more words

Hottest day in London since 2006

Tomorrow is a huge day for Bonbon Balloons, the company I’m interning at. Their biggest event is House Festival which is tomorrow and since arriving in June, I’ve been mostly busy helping get things ready for this event. 751 more words

Hump Day †

Hello to all the Beautiful people visiting my blog!

First of all let me give the typical speech…. thank you for visiting and reading!! lol, 185 more words

Almost Done