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Happy Days

I’m happy! This semester is winding to a close, and I look back on this year with a cringing fondness. Yes, mistakes were made, friendships came and went, but here I am, with a clearer head and a lifetime of experiences and lessons learned. 64 more words

Putting Up a Huge Fight

I got accepted into the university that I’ve always wanted! I received my acceptance offer yesterday, my heart was hammering so wildly when I received the notification telling me to check my email for an update on the status of my application. 653 more words



Yipeee! Happy Friday friends!

Make it a goodie xx



0_0 ………………I am now proud to say that our blog has 40 followers!!!!!!! XD I’m not entirely sure if that’s such a big achievement, but I am proud to announce it none the less, I’m not sure if it’s much to ask but I would really love to hear from you all in the comments (although now I just realized how dumb this post may be since I’m usually talking to my usual viewers) but I’d still like to congratulate not me, but you all ^_^ without any of this blogs viewers OUR blog wouldn’t be possible. 94 more words

Done with schooooool. Yaaaayayaya

Even bathing under the sun is a fabulous idea compared to trying to visualize my 3D molecules. :( :(

The last 2 weeks, I reached a total new level of tiredness, I fall asleep while standing in the train. 152 more words

레이 의 류 rei-ryu!!

heyhey waddup?! I’m rei-ryu but you can call me rei. im pretty cool nd all so lets do this intro!!1!

-I listen to alternative rock but I’m also vv classical bc I can play the piano, cello, nd violin… 33 more words


Very Important Department Email

Melanie works very hard. She would like all of you to know that. We are so lucky to have such a useful resource on our team. 273 more words