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#LondonAdventure - Mahiki - Mayfair

You know back in the 90’s when supermodels were everywhere and people wore cargo pants and noone wore a bra, etc? Well, I think that’s when the real glamour of night clubs hit it’s peak. 354 more words


Brussels, Belgium - Gaufres Chaude (Hot Waffles)

There are a lot of things Belgium is known for, but for me, the waffles hands down beat the chocolate.

Hot waffles < Hot chocolate. 112 more words


#LondonAdventure La Mancha, Chiswick

I don’t often got to tapas restaurants even though I really like Spanish food and flavours. Lots of garlic, paprika, saffron, lemon and incredible seafood, it’s delicious and see myself as quite a dab hand at making paella nowadays. 387 more words


#ONTHEBOOKSHELF - Skinny Me - Charlene Carr

Skinny Me – Charlene Carr

On the bookshelf today is Skinny Me.

Anyone that knows the real me, know’s my life is a struggle between being in love with chocolate digestives, bread, real butter, thai food, Indian food, food food… you get the picture, and being skinny cos clothes. 343 more words

Yasmin Jaunbocus

#LondonAdventure Reun Thai- Hammersmith

You know what is really hard in London?  Making plans.

Actually, I lie.

You know what’s hard in London? Sticking to plans.

In a city where you really have to make plans weeks in advance, it can be an age till you meet with that mate from uni  who’s just moved to London.   331 more words

Yasmin Jaunbocus

The Girl in the Photograph- Kate Riordan

If you’re a fan of Rebecca by Dapne du Maurier, (and well, who isn’t?!) and The Yellow Wallpaper, the short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, this is a reminiscent read of the classics combined. 259 more words

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#BelowTheLine Live on £1 a day challenge.

Too many of us spend money like it’s coming out of our ears, then complain about how skint we are, how much we’d love to go on holiday, buy a house, etc, etc, but just can’t understand where all the money has gone!   276 more words

Yasmin Jaunbocus