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Jorge turned out to be a very unassuming man, someone you might refer to as a believer in the doctrine of Buffettism (from Warren Buffett). Since he had a few hours to burn he couldn’t help but jump on Jorge’s invitation to go see what his typical day felt like. 1,144 more words


Test Knit - Inspiration Shawl

Until the pattern is officially published, I can only show the yarn I’m using.

Dyed by Alfinete Sul in Teal & Teal/Green Mix


595. Household budget

Ross Grut had fallen in love with Lorraine Thornburrow. These things happen for no reason at all. One minute you’re fine, and the next minute you’re all gar-gar. 235 more words


594. Use your initiative

Darcy was in charge of the factory and, quite frankly, he was annoyed.

God knows he’d told the staff to use their initiative. Take responsibility for your actions. 27 more words


Bolas de Tons - é Lã! Portuguesa

Bolas de Tons also has their own in-house yarn called é Lã! Portuguesa, 100% Portuguese Merino in gorgeous colours.



He hadn’t been to the North of Nigeria for more than five years, though before that he’d frequented it for one reason or the other, ranging from academic, personal and familial, service to the nation and business. 1,364 more words


593. Fundies

Trevor couldn’t stand those Christian fundamentalists who every now and then came knocking at his door. Pushing their opinions on others, that’s all they were doing. 56 more words