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Love: a gift from above, or a trade off?

Falling in love is one of the greatest things a human can experience. Imagine going to Canada, tripping over a stone and plummeting down the Niagara Falls: that’s what it feels like to fall in love. 697 more words


Why you should stop watching porn (or not start)

After Facebook and cat memes, pornography is perhaps one of the digital age’s most notable inventions. Porn is everywhere, not only on the 420 million pages dedicated to it online, but seeped throughout all of popular culture. 1,199 more words


Birthday Haul - Part 5

Got these lovely skeins from Carolina, thank you :).

I don’t know what to use them for just yet, but I’m sure they’ll be a very special project.


630. Stella's favourite mug

Stella had a favourite coffee mug. In fact, she had found the coffee mug in a white elephant stall fifteen years earlier. She had paid 10 cents for it. 309 more words


629. Herbert was ninety-four

Herbert was ninety-four and always playing with himself. He would sit alone in the community room of the Old Folks’ Eventide Home and play with himself. 141 more words


Two Cultures

As someone who both knits and crochets, it’s been a little surprising to learn recently of the so-called ‘divide’ between those who knit and those who crochet. 601 more words


628. Wallflower

Anyway, Doreen of Room 13 was hoping that Wayne would invite her to the school dance. As far as she knew, Wayne hadn’t invited anyone. And then suddenly James invited Doreen. 204 more words