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She was the BIGGEST passenger ship in the World.
Just like it was the BIGGEST party in Africa.
The unsinkable.
The unbreakable.
The most sophisticated of its time. 72 more words


565. Front door; back door

Let me tell you. Our house has a front door and a back door. The back door is used by tradesmen, and for taking out the trash. 164 more words


Stage One Preparation

I will try not to bore you with my concerns for me and my approach to my work by the suggested preparation from the OCA. I have been working professionally for a few years with textiles and have organised my yarns/threads by type and have several baskets for fabric that are in fact colour coded. 570 more words

A Creative Approach

564. Julliard Scholarship

My son has just won a Julliard Scholarship to study piano in New York. I paid for him to go to New York at the end of his studies as a vacation and as a reward for doing well at school. 350 more words


Stage One - Preparation

Getting ready for the development of the marks we make into stitches it was suggested to create colour bags. I work in textiles professionally and have organised my working to accommodate the methods I currently use. 211 more words

A Creative Approach

563. Wonder of wonders

Wonder of wonders! William was cleaning out the attic when he found an old genie lamp. William rubbed it and out steamed a genie via the spout. 160 more words


Shark Pouch

I got inspired by the movie #Jaws so I made this Shark Pouch in 2012