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Yarn Stash Hat

I have FINALLY finished knitting this seriously fuzzy grey and purple beanie style hat, and I actually love it. It’s really slouchy, and alternates between fuzzy pink flecks, and metallic purple flecks. 145 more words

Celebrate!: The Hilarities of March

*dusts off her blog*

Well, here we are again, at the start of a new month, and nary a blog post to be seen for weeks. 413 more words

Bunny Celebrates

Up in Armholes & Stashing Down

Hello dear friends!

I’m a Cowlard! 

I have spent the last chunk of February making a scarfthe Wheat Scarf which I made too short, so then I made it into a cowl/collar/neckpiece. 445 more words

Brooklyn Knitting

Day 48/365: Back to The Sock That's Going to Make the 4th Pair This Year

Remember how I started this sock, and then this unfortunate thing happened?

That night (the 12th), I ordered new circulars from KnitPicks.  (It was a completely different brand of needles that broke, by the way.)  Kudos to the fine folks at KnitPicks, because they shipped my order promptly and the new needles arrived yesterday (the 16th). 158 more words


Day 39/365: More for the Stash

Remember when I got called to jury duty and then was ordered by the judge to return the following week?

So, even though the case ended up being dismissed, I guess that extra day that I showed up was considered jury service.  154 more words


Hyacinths - My Favourite!

I went to Bury market today. My primary aim was to get some wool from the wool stall because I have been asked to make a couple of blankets and needed some particular colours. 288 more words


Day 37/365: Adrenaline Rush for Free

Today was one of those days in prison where alarms kept going off in various yards, and it was one code after another.  We had a serious code on our yard that involved two inmates battering a third one.  286 more words