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Sharing the Love

One of the great things that I have learned about knitters, weavers, spinners and crocheters, is that they are all quite happy to share their crafts and skills with others. 272 more words


Best FREE Yarn Storage Solution

Knitters love yarn! We love the textures, the colors, the possibilities that arise with the acquisition of new skeins. It’s difficult to walk out of a yarn shop without a bag of yarn to add to┬áthe home┬ácollection. 312 more words


The Stashdown Continues

So, my mission to make room for lots of lovely new yarn in a few weeks time, by drastically reducing the number of leftover balls of yarn in my stash continues….and, I have just finished a scarf made entirely from scraps of sock/fingering weight yarns (aka the scarf of a thousand woven ends!): 136 more words


Yarn Stash

A knitting blog isn’t super interesting when my only progress to speak of is another inch or so on a sock. I could keep posting pictures of my newest rows, but even my need to document every minor achievement in life isn’t that strong. 364 more words


In A Spin

I know that the other day I said that I was going to reduce my stash, by using up as many odd little balls of yarn as possible…but there is one problem with this plan. 298 more words


What!!!!!? Don't judge

I know what your thinking but im running out of purple yarn and really look at these colors can you blame me?

Im knitting yet another pair of TARDIS socks right now but next pair are requested in purple so my conscience is relativ clear.

Happy Reading

Sock Yarn

I Can Sing a Rainbow

Every so often I feel the need to go a bit mad with colour.

I had this urge on Friday…not sure why, it just sometimes appears from nowhere, works its way into my noodle, and leaves me filled with a burning need to raid the yarn stash and warp the loom. 320 more words