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they came back wearing helmets and shields

There is one of the ladies that has a ticket and they wanted to take her to the airport yesterday from Yarl’s Wood. The day before they put a fresh claim and she got a lawyer through helen bamber and that meant she could put in a judicial review to stop the flight. 170 more words

New Statesman: Why are pregnant women being detained in Yarl’s Wood?

When the Yarl’s Wood immigration removal centre opened its doors in November 2001, it was billed as an extension of an airport waiting lounge, but for some of those who have passed through its barbed wire fences, it feels more akin to a prison. 1,224 more words


Instead of helping us they locked us up

I’ve been in Yarl’s Wood for 9 months. A few days ago tried to kill my self. I put something the around my neck, I was unconscious my friend found me. 215 more words

RULE35 directed by Cheryl Martin

On Saturday, I was able to go and watch RULE35, a new provocative interactive show that propels you straight into the heart of the British detention system. 244 more words

What’s going on is very terrible,

What’s going on is very terrible, it’s very bad. For instance, I’m very ill – I have high blood pressure. They checked me its 200 over 134. 245 more words

40 something people in the corridor

One of our friends who is not well is being taken to a charter flight to Ghana. She’s not fit to fly – she doesn’t even know where she is. 119 more words

Yesterday we went to another unit

Yesterday we went to another unit of to get sanitary towels from a woman officer. When we came back the male officer said “what is in your pocket” and he said he needed to search us and that we had stolen the sanitary towels and he was angry. 194 more words