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6/20/2015 Yard Sale Finds

I really love old sheet music. The graphics and colors give you an amazing look back in time. I got several hundred of these from an flea market for $20. 82 more words

6/13/2015 Yard Sale Finds

Vintage video games !!! Who doesn’t love these, I know I do. As obsolete they are, they bring you back to the 80’s instantly. I purchased a whole box for $60 at a yard sale on Saturday morning. 67 more words

Outfit for a Special Occasion (bargain style)

I had a special event to attend on a late Spring evening and I wanted to dress up. I’d be walking outdoors in prematurely hot weather and then be inside with air conditioning. 534 more words

The Bargain Life

Down the Road a Piece ~ Adventures in Thrifting

The photo file containing the pictures below got kind of lost, so these items didn’t get included in the previous post. That’s OK, actually, since that post was lengthy enough. 675 more words


06/06/2015 Yard Sale Finds

I purchased some great vintage items this week at an estate sale and a moving sale. What I love about doing what I do is you never know what you will find or where you will find it. 208 more words

5/30/2015 Yard Sale Finds

This weeks highlight was one particular yard sale which I got a bunch of awesome items for very reasonable prices­čśä this was the start of a moving sale and she was selling everything out of her garage. 169 more words

5/23/2015 Estate Sale Finds

My find of the day, maybe of the month even: 39 Star American Flag with old pen writing on it which reads “Election of Harrison 1888″. 116 more words