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05/09/15 Yard Sale Finds

For this weeks Yard Sale “Picking” I got a whole lot of Fossils and Minerals at a yard sale. I mean a TON! Not sure how the sellers got them but there are about 15 display boxes from The Nature Company. 153 more words

05/02/15 Yard Sale Finds

Back to Yard And Estate Sales! Feels good to be back on the hunt for bargains and treasures. Hopefully I can keep up my good luck. 146 more words

Testing 123......

(Sorry this took me so long to post, it has been sitting in draft for a LONG time because my computer wasn’t working)

I found some great yard sale finds yesterday! 130 more words

4/18/15 Estate Sale Finds

Another one of my top 5 Estate Sale finds in back to back weeks! That will never happen again! I purchased this vintage original travel poster for $40 did some research and saw them selling for upwards of $1000 online. 121 more words

3/28/15 Yard Sale Finds

I love old certificates. These are some 1930s/40s ones I got at an estate sale. Very cool looking if you ask me!


3/21/15 Yard Sale Finds

I have some more auctions purchases to share this week. Who doesn’t love vintage cans and old advertising. There’s just something about the quality of packaging and the style of the way things used to be made. 38 more words

3/14/15 Yard Sale Finds

I got some fun auction goodies this week. I love silent auctions and this one is somewhere I both buy and sell at. The auction is located inside a large indoor farmers and flea market. 61 more words