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Pure Yacon Syrup Organic 100 | Sustaining A Healthy Mind As You Grow

An energetic mind is a healthy mind, so keeping your mind sharp is an excellent part old well and also living a much better life as you get older. 677 more words


Yacon Syrup Essential Living Foods | Remaining Healthy On The Go

Simply because you are an active individual with whole lots to do everyday, it doesn’t indicate that you do not have time to stay in shape and also keep in shape while traveling. 580 more words


Chocolate Coconut Mousse

This is perhaps the easiest dessert ever. It’s definitely low carb and gluten free. You can make it almost zero carb depending on the type of sweetener that you use. 103 more words


Sweetener vs sugar: Which ones you should avoid

VANCOUVER – The only common thing about sugar substitutes and sweeteners is that they taste sweet.

But everything else is different.

Dietitian Melodie Yong says our bodies handle these substitutes differently and the chemical structure of each are different again. 281 more words


How to be Diabetes-Free

With all the new food everywhere, resisting the temptation of binging out on calorie-rich food can get harder every day. If you find yourself tempted to try out something you know isn’t really healthy, just rememberthat delicious food does not always mean good food. 980 more words


Is Yacón Syrup Paleo?

There are numerous sugar substitutes on the market, from chicory root sweetener and stevia to raw honey and maple syrup. Just about any sweet plant is fair game when it comes to developing new sweeteners. 324 more words


Best Organic Yacon Syrup

HEALTH BENEFITS OF ORGANIC PLATINUM YACON SYRUP How can PLATINUM YACON SYRUP help you? * Do you need to lose a few pounds? * Do you need to regulate your blood sugar? 186 more words

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