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The hidden benefits of Turmeric

Not only does turmeric have amazing health properties, but it’s also a great all-natural beauty product that you can use over the weekend. This mustard-yellow spice can tighten your pores and do other wondrous things to your skin (and hair). 681 more words


Three secrets to being happy

We do a lot of things to make us happy. We create handcrafts, go out with friends, buy the latest fashionable fad, and probably spend hours on Pinterest… to be happy. 666 more words


Gold leaf necklace with a dash of gilded inspiration

I wanted to experiment with combining two extremes: Natural wood which is earthy, organic and minimalist – and glamorous  gold leaf, a shiny and bold material. 311 more words


To heal, there's a lesson to learn

The most difficult lesson to learn is to not push myself everyday of my life to excel and to do and to accomplish. I’ve led a life priding myself for doing too much. 682 more words


The Story of a Tuareg-Inspired Tribal Necklace

I’m fascinated by the North African culture, especially that of the nomadic tribes. I feel a deep connection with places like Morocco and Algeria. Perhaps it’s because I have a great-grandmother who was from Morocco. 506 more words


Fashion Inspiration of the Day: Burberry's interpretation of tribal rugs

Fashion Inspiration of the Day: Burberry’s interpretation of tribal rugs by yaansoon featuring burberry purses

I’ve always admired Burberry. Known for its famous check pattern, Burberry has taken a different approach to design in recent years, by incorporating different unexpected motifs and patterns within its designs. 131 more words


{DIY Packaging} Recycling Ikea packaging to make your own... handmade packaging!

Recycling materials to create our own packaging is at the heart of Yaansoon’s philosophy. Why add more litter to the world, when we can turn it to a functional piece of art or packaging? 123 more words