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Fintech 1,000 Landscape Report: XBRL Analytics

This is the first Landscape Report from the Fintech 1,000 database.

This Landscape Report demonstrates the difficulty of using a rigid taxonomy. The names given to a “space” (VC speak) or a “segment” (analyst speak) evolve over time and the most successful ventures emerge before anybody has given a name to what they do. 871 more words

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Who Audits the Quality of Credit Ratings?

In the wake of the Standard & Poor’s deal to pay a fine but avoid admission of wrong-doing, some questions arise.

  • The fine is more than the amount of profits made from the bad ratings, but is it actually going to change corporate behavior?
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Extensible Enumeration Specification

Hi every body, long time no post (again). It’s rainy on Jakarta. Hemn, lets talk about Extensible Enumeration. This is a new specification which have ‘recommendation’ status last year, on October 30, 2014. 198 more words


XBRL study reveals fees are not oppressive for emerging growth companies

Nothing about this study surprised Team Vintage. We’ve delivered intelligent value to our clients since the initiation of XBRL. It has NOT been easy – as the SEC mandate (hopes & desires) was a little ahead of the technology… however the reporting industry is all caught up. 261 more words


The 2015 Fintech Headline "RIP Bitcoin and XBRL, Incumbency Wins"

I promised myself no New Year prognostication posts, but I could not resist this one.

There is too much gloomy Eeyore talk about disruptive innovation. 556 more words


Motif Investing And The Low Cost Active Alpha Space

The general Fintech category of Personal Financial Management (PFM) has two main sub categories:

  • Tools to help you save and spend smarter. This as the personal P&L.
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Corporate Services Segment Study - Part 4

Many offshore service centers are beginning to realize the importance of rigorous and structured training for their graduate hires as a way to alleviate the skills gaps of these graduates resulting from outdated curricular content and methods in our local universities. 172 more words

Offshoring To The Philippines