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Fantastic Four - Character Bio's and Analysis

My most anticipated movie of the summer just keeps looking better. The official site of the upcoming Fantastic Four released some cool features on the four main characters. 620 more words


X Marks the A to Z Spot...

The Letter X

X’s and O’s

AKA, Noughts and Crosses, Tic-Tac-Toe, and various other names. A beloved children’s game for two players, it is believed to date back to the Roman Empire or earlier. 148 more words


Impatient Update!

Okay, I couldn’t wait at all!


The Flawed Hypothesis of Escapism

We’re told that so much art is about “escapism”.

Star Wars, Pacific Rim, Star Trek, Superman, Avengers… there’s an idea that we watch these stories to escape from our everyday lives. 1,688 more words


Won't You Come and Wash Away the Rain? (Black Hole by Charles Burns)

Charles Burns’ twelve-issue comic book series Black Hole (Pantheon 2005) follows a group of teenagers in dreary 1970s suburban Seattle as they face the usual and unusual tribulations of adolescence: love, loneliness, uncertainty about the future, and a sexually-transmitted infection known as “The Bug,” which causes strange physical mutations (a tail, an extra mouth, skin that sloughs off) in the unfortunate hosts. 129 more words

Three-Sentence Reviews

New Stories, Two One Shots and a Multi!

Well today is the day you all get the awesomeness that is! I have the TWO original One shots from BertieBotts contest, When the Past Comes Knocking and Explosive Love…. 65 more words