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5 things you probably knew about Storm

  1. Ororo Munroe was born in Manhattan but grew up in Cairo, Egypt. She is the daughter of a Kenyan princess and a photojournalist. Unfortunately, Ororo’s parents died when a plane crash landed into their home, orphaning Ororo and leaving her to her own devices.
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Uncanny X-Men #202 (1986, February)

Today, sadly, we have a Secret Wars II tie-in. By Claremont and JRJr, “X-Men . . . I’ve Gone To Kill . . . the Beyonder!” 920 more words


Cut the Check: A Call for True Leadership at Marvel Comics

(The below is a guest blog post from past contributor Anthony Brown – The Management)

It’s funny how in High School the people given awards for Most Likely to Succeed and Best Leadership rarely are the people who go on to become something super successful or to a position of great leadership. 647 more words


X-May #28

Betsy Braddock – Code name: Psylocke.

Norrie Millar

This Week in Review: May 27, 2015

This week the second set of Secret Wars tie-ins dropped, and Convergence wrapped up.Look forward to next week with Secret Wars #3 and some new stuff from DC. 2,536 more words


Darkhold: Cry N'Garai Midnight Sons review

This was a great book. Picking up where last issue left off, we find the Redeemers stranded in the town of Perfection during a Darkhold-inspired N’Gari attack. 169 more words


Channing Tatum Allegedly Can't Find A Director For 'Gambit'

Gambit is happening mostly because Channing Tatum wants to make it happen. From day one, he’s been the driving force behind bringing the thieving Cajun to the screen. 160 more words