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Thoughts for April 27 from Fr Willie Doyle

Fr Doyle sent the letter below to his father one year after the gas attack of April 1916 (see yesterday’s post). In this letter, he reveals more details of what had happened on April 26-28 1916. 686 more words


"Secret Warriors of the First World War" | History News Network

In his new book, Taylor Downing, writes about the unsung heroes of WWI. He recounts the stories of the spies, scientists, and code breakers who changed the world through their work. 60 more words


WWI: A Catalyst of the Modern Poetic Movement

WWI: A Catalyst of the Modern Poetic Movement

By 1914, the Victorian era was history for the youth, the industrial revolution was in full swing, and the arts were beginning to reflect the rapidly changing times.  1,337 more words


Gallipoli August Offensive

ANZAC Day 2015 is over, and was a very moving experience for everyone who was lucky enough to attend the event.  But that’s not the end of the events to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the Gallipoli Campaign.   402 more words


ANZAC commemoration @MHS

“Two days after being introduced to the trenches, we are quite used to the work and noise … If a shell strikes your portion of the trench you are lucky to get off, but you keep on with your job and hope that the next will not be so near.” These words were written by then Captain Langley who would survive Gallipoli and go on to be principal of Melbourne High School. 80 more words

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έλα my brother

Turcophobia, so Anti-Turkism has been favorite again in nowadays. At 24 April 2015, Armenians across the world have created a chain of hatred with others who supported them. 1,408 more words