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150331 Wu Yi Fan for Tong Yi Iced Tea billboard!

now his face in every where in china main land. Bus,Sub way,billboard,etc.
cr: oo_fan晓思

CF will be out tomorrow! ^^

Wu Yi Fan

[Late Post] Wu Yi Fan Birthday Wishes in 2013

This is a late letter,However the love and feelings inside are only increasing not decreasing.
For us this year is not an ordinary year, Fan-Qin(Kris’s name for his fans when he in exo) accompanied me through times of difficulty and darkness, 188 more words

Wu Yi Fan

[link ENG SUB] 150330 Tudou Entertainment - Hidden Energy Interview

He’s such a no bullshit person but praises Yifan so much. 💕
FXG recently criticized the Chinese movie industry because he felt offended by movies that are all about aesthetics with no hard work. 133 more words

Wu Yi Fan

150330 Wu Yi Fan for Tong Yi Iced Tea

Wu Yi Fan for Tong Yi Iced Tea CF will be out on 1 April!

(announced on official Tong Yi Iced Tea weibo)

Wu Yi Fan

150330 Wu Yi Fan at Beijing Airport Heading to Vancouver Canada

at first this picts release none of my meigeni friends know he heading to where,but in the end his self said that he going home. 63 more words

Wu Yi Fan

[3 shots] Ít nhất, anh còn có em - Chương 1

Lời nói đầu: Đầu tiên, 3 shots này mình viết trong một buổi chiều nên các tình tiết diễn ra có khi sẽ làm các bạn bị shock (LOL) vì hôm đấy mình bị xúc động mạnh nên mới tuôn hết cả tràng vào mấy chữ này. 2,593 more words