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Mother's Day Gifts Your Mom Doesn't Want

I know this is a little early but since Mother’s Day is on the second Sunday in May, it wouldn’t hurt for you to think about what to give your mother, assuming that she’s still alive and you’re on good terms with her. 2,894 more words


Crazy Weirdo Happy Hour

This is an accurate representation of my coworker and I during the impromptu 2-3PM Crazy Weirdo Happy Hour today. like, seriously… It’s like every crazy person in Seattle decided to descend upon our shop and proceed to be weird and crazy inside our store. 88 more words


Stupid my kid heard ... and the Day of Silence

Imagine a class full of high school geometry students taking a make-up test. Outside in the courtyard they can hear a kid yelling.

“Dennis. Hey Dennis. 785 more words


In which oops I forgot something

also, in my first act of the day, seconds after walking into my office, had to have a parent/teacher conference with a parent whose son had been suspended for two days for stopping outside of a classroom full of girls, blatantly and obviously scratching his balls, and then loudly announcing that he had crabs. 44 more words


Masturbation Karaoke

You know how sometimes you’d go on a first date and you and the dude couldn’t find anywhere to bone, so you’d rent a private room at a karaoke place and give him a sloppy hand job while he sang out… 87 more words

Did anyone NOT get an email from me?

Two people so far have told me they didn’t get their acceptance emails (which were definitely sent.)  To date only 2 people who have applied were denied outright. 65 more words


I can't tell if this story is sad or funny

And the answer may very well be “both.”

(There is another Star Wars post coming.  Soon, I expect.  This will not be that post, but I could not pass up this image.) 1,183 more words