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LGBT Youth Experience More Cyber Bullying

LGBT youth face significant difficulties with discrimination, harassment and lack of family support.

It also happens that they face more harassment online–a place where many youth go to feel as if they’re more part of a community, receive support, medical information, and other opportunities . 295 more words


LGBT Health Disparities and Cancer

We don’t know a sufficient amount about cancer in the LGBT population.

There are specific prevention and treatment programs that have been designed for groups based on statistics. 337 more words


10 Topics for Lesbians to Discuss with their Doctor

The Gay and Lesbian Medical Association’s (GLMA) healthcare providers have identified the following issues as the most commonly of concern for lesbians.

Breast Cancer
Lesbians are less likely to receive screening exams, but more likely to have risks for breast cancer. 396 more words


LGBTQ Teens Engaged in Sex Work for Survival

There’s a difference between sex work that is legal and that which is criminalized, as far as protection and health-regulation goes, but it’s all work. People are doing this work for many different reasons, very rarely because they want to. 462 more words


Questions that Insult Queer Women

There are some questions you’re better off knowing will likely be annoying to queer women.

Who’s the man in your relationship?
Who is the man in… 389 more words

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Tips for Lesbians Seeking a Love Life Boost

Do you feel a little bored with your sex life? Or, maybe even feel like it’s a chore? That’s not what anyone wants when it comes to sex. 461 more words

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Look Of The Day | Kendall Jenner 

All eyes were on Kendall Jenner during the first weekend of Coachella. The reality star was joined by fellow models Hailey Baldwin and Gigi Hadid, and their outfits kept with the festival spirit in style. 71 more words