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I wish

I wish I didn’t think of you
Yet it’s all I seem to do
No matter where my mind wanders
It always comes right back to you… 23 more words



I have no sense of humor.

I feel convinced that I had one once, but I don’t know where it went.

I spent the evening at a school comedy show, and I had to force every laugh. 42 more words

On Culture, Ethics, & Responsibility

Had an interesting conversation with friends over the weekend. While discussion topics were ranged and scattered, there was one point in particular that managed to draw out some tangents. 403 more words


Liars, Liars, Everyone

The good book sayeth that, least we judge
Before we comment and silently shrug
We should give the time to budge
For a little introspective hug… 90 more words

I understand, but I don't..

I’ve been putting off talking to a friend of mine for a while now, just because I didn’t want to have the conversation I knew we were going to have to have. 781 more words



I’m having one of those weird days where I’m wondering how a boyfriend would feel right now…

Granted, I won’t do it because I’m all about keeping promises, but I can wonder, right?

Bi The Way