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I'm Offended

I’m sure, based on the title alone, many of you are reading this with some preconceived notion of the topic at hand. Given all the recent controversy, you might be aching to hear my take on some of the most recent headlines. 1,108 more words


Right or wrong?

Sometimes, when you are doing wrong things, you might not even realize and you are always look for excuses to escape and run away.

If you never admit on your wrong doings, you are not going to improve yourself. 225 more words


Yeah, fuck you too!

“Yeah, fuck you too!” is a line that MacReady hurls at the Thing along with a bundle of dynamite in John Carpenter’s classic. And the Thing had it coming as it attacked the group of Antarctic researchers first. 9,965 more words

Word Study

You're Washing Your Swimsuit All Wrong: Here's How to Extend The Life of It

You've found the perfect swimsuit. OK, well maybe it's more like the perfect collection of swimsuits (hey, when they're this cute, who can stop at one?). 19 more words

A Collection of Fireworks Fails From July 4th Weekend

The only thing better than watching beautiful fireworks in the sky is watching fireworks malfunction and almost harm all those around them on the ground. ‘Merica. 76 more words