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Natural Law & Human

This blog will be dealing with the issue of ethics/morals of this subject so broad it will be impossible for me to cover all the aspects of this topic. 514 more words

Er, next door mate

I seem to have a hat stand,

Stood next to my chair,

It wasn’t there this morning,

Least I was not aware,

It seems I’ve made an error, 19 more words

Those that support those that deny God make themselves denied as well

I keep coming back to this topic because this is a burden upon my heart, given to me by God. The importance is extreme. Why? Far too many out there think they can change a group that is denying God. 298 more words


Why not to dye your own hair. 

So a few years back (2012 if being specific) I visited my family over in England. I was at that stage that people go through in life where they feel like they need a change. 494 more words

the drugs

I cannot keep my eyes open

the drugs, they make me sleep

I cannot do what I really want to

the drugs, they make me weak…

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