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3.1.15 Tetzaveh: Initiating the Priests

In parshah Tetzaveh, a ceremony is prescribed for “dedicating” the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) and his sons for service in the Mishkan (later: in the Temple). 804 more words

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2.27.15 In Praise of "The Carpenters"

The Carpenters singing “Only Yesterday”:

I grew to love the Carpenters.

At first, coming right after the wild 60’s, they seemed too tame to me. 671 more words

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2.25.15 Faith and Psychotherapy I

(From an article by Ms. Sara Yocheved Rigler on Aish.com:)

…Together with Rabbi Leib Kelemen, Rabbi Noach Orlowek, and Dr. Pargament, David Rosmarin developed a program for treating stress and worry in the Jewish community. 732 more words

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2.21.15 Terumah -- Building the Mishkan

“Let them make Me a sanctuary, that I may dwell in their midst.” [1] 
The Kotzker explained:
“…every man should build in his heart a sanctuary, so that G-d may dwell in it.” [2] 652 more words

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Valentine's Day: Perfectly summed up

More than just one day,

I need a lifetime of these

to celebrate you.

Tyler Knott Gregson


2.12.15 Seeing G-d

“G-d said, ‘Light: Be’ and Light was…and there were evening and morning, Day One.” [1]

“…Rabbi Elazar said: ‘ the light that the Blessed Holy One created on the first day, Adam saw…from one end of the world to the other’.” [2] 272 more words

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