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3.26.15 Arguing with G-d

“The Rebbe said that after the Holocaust there were certain religious leaders who requested that his father-in-law, the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, join them in coming out with a harsh proclamation against those who voiced doubts in G-d following the Holocaust. 554 more words

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3.18.15 Forgetting the Self in Prayer

It is not enough
to give my heart
to G-d
for my own peace.

I give You my heart
for the peace of the world, 305 more words

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3.13.15 Seeing G-d 2

“…G-d cannot be perceived through the mind alone. If you would know G-d, do not seek merely to prove His existence, but turn to Him with your heart; affirm your union with Him, affirm His responsiveness to prayer, pray to Him; if you actually turn to G-d … speak to Him in your heart, you will be astonished to find how close He is to you, you will feel His nearness, you will have found G-d.” 969 more words

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Verses and Hymns.

How could I describe him?
He is the sunlight in my night,
He is what makes me shine.
He is every wrong thing that constitutes me and every thing I have come to need. 177 more words


3.10.15 Think Good and It Will Be Good

(This is borrowed from “Chabadtalk.com,” [1] a forum on which topics in Chabad are discussed in personal terms. I’ve written previously on the Tzemach Tzedek’s ‘Think good and it will be good.’ … 1,169 more words

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3.5.15 A Purim Parody

(I wrote this parody on 3/17/92, for use with a congregation where I was serving as cantor at the time. It’s based on the endless references to “the Jews” as the source of whatever problem is currently being discussed… 218 more words

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3.4.15 Hitbodedut: Thanking G-d for Everything

(Below is an excerpt from a post by Rabbi Yonasan Easton, followed by some comments of my own.)

“In Chapter Five of Tomer Devorah… 1,148 more words

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