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Juicing in the 'burgh

It’s a good time to be an adventurous consumer. There seem to be new diet fads and nutrition crazes every week published online or displayed artfully within various Instagram feeds. 727 more words

Written Pieces


It’s the feeling of dreams

a lost shadow to your heart
we’ve became shackled at the start

Every night is a serene nightmare
placing flowers into a grave… 32 more words


...destiny fated emotion is felt, then reminisced while a destiny fated emotion is felt, then reminisced while a ...

Never tainted the Devil’s plea
In a reign where the sin is free
Through the gallant realms
I’m at the helms
A vindictive future so align your sight… 220 more words


In One Breath

It’s love but, our heart shows no shadow
An imaginary illusion that lets our emotion glow
Somewhere it is written it lasts forever
The feelings swarm and we’ll fall together… 125 more words


Hidden Serenity

In the same routine
I’m crawling on my knees
I don’t want to be afraid
but, I’m trying to escape this grave.
Always being weak… 110 more words


Reminders Of Love

A new game designed to lose
There’s no well for me to wish for proof
It’s my silly smile
And it takes a while
Do your bad cause its all poison… 95 more words


Day One, Always Day One

You try to find me

I guess you know the story

Streams of lies form what we call truth

Find the depth of what the mortality use… 54 more words