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Thanks for nothing MLK.

Let’s begin with setting the scene. We are in 2015. The 21st Century. What a time to be alive aye?! The age where you can see and speak to relatives on the other side of the world via video chat thanks to Skype. 957 more words

Written Life

Is anyone minuting this?

‘Do your thing. Keep doing you. Stay on your grind. Do you.’ What does this even mean?! Too many people have said those phrases to me or used words to that effect recently and I’m going to admit that that is easier said than done mate. 722 more words

Written Life

It's exactly like hangman.

I’m going to admit it, I do not like change. I am not one of those ‘life is just a magical journey man, like dude, it’s all part the circle of life’ kind of people. 420 more words

Written Life