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Is anyone minuting this?

‘Do your thing. Keep doing you. Stay on your grind. Do you.’ What does this even mean?! Too many people have said those phrases to me or used words to that effect recently and I’m going to admit that that is easier said than done mate. 722 more words

Written Life

It's exactly like hangman.

I’m going to admit it, I do not like change. I am not one of those ‘life is just a magical journey man, like dude, it’s all part the circle of life’ kind of people. 420 more words

Written Life


I hate how badly I want you. Constantly. Unyielding. Undeterred.
It becomes my shame.

Here. With me. Only me.

All mine. All yours.


She dreams of possession. 8 more words

5.20.14 (I fucking made it.)

I feel like I’m slowly sort of becoming a person again and I’m not sure if I’m regressing to a former self or if I’m just re-incorporating that former self into a new self, but I suppose if time has passed I’m doing the latter? 562 more words

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I may look a fool in thine eyes, but if you are
indeed wise, you can extract something useful even from a fool’s eyes.