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Woman Unknown

Written for:  Margo Roby’s Poem Tryouts: Fresh Start

PoMoSco Day 18

The instructions for today’s poem are simple: Find a two page spread, in a book or magazine, and pick words and phrases you like. 148 more words

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Twelve Words, Four Haiku

Written for:  Carpe Diem Full Circle #1, Sunflower Reflection
The goal is to write haiku with the twelve (12) words I will give. It’s a kind of word-whirl and you have to use the words given in the clock-wise direction. 98 more words

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Struttin' and Singin'

Written for:  dVerse Poets

So the challenge is:

Fold a sheet of paper in half
On the one side of the page list 10 nouns… 144 more words

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What Just Happened?

Written for:  Red Wolf Poems #227, “Scene in the Office”

The man in his own comfortable chair is calm, re-assuring, non-threatening. He tells you to close your eyes, relax, relax. 193 more words

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New York City Revisited

Written for:  Margo Roby’s Poem Tryouts:  “Then What”
Your main character has woken up and moving over to the window, she stares out. Then what? … 132 more words

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Pop Tarts

Written for: Poetic Asides #268 – Word Association
Pick one or more to write your poem.  The word does not have to appear anywhere in the poem or title, but it’s totally fine if it does.   86 more words

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