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Dog Wishes

Written for:  The Mag #276

Turn around.  Dog makes a silent wish.
House is still. Alone again.
Graciously willing to let bygones
be gone, he sorely needs the cat’s… 78 more words

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Kiss of the Muse

Written for:  Margo Roby’s Poem Tryouts:  To Sleep, Perchance To Dream
To the images. In keeping with the theme of dreaming, the image that started my thinking on the topic is The Poet Sleeps, by Chang Houg Ahn, which I first saw on The Mag a couple of years ago. 120 more words

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This Morning

Written for:  The Mag #275

Sweetie, light one
for me? Early sun
blinds me, but not
to your charms. Your arms
wrap me like I am a gift… 35 more words

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One-Way Conversation

Written for:  The Mag #274

He hears her words
clearly. Barely
can comprehend
the meaning behind
them, or is he fooling
himself? Either way
he has lost his voice, 16 more words

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Sunshine House

Written for:  Margo Roby’s Poem Tryouts, A Single Detail-Image prompt

Ask anyone.  They all know
Sunshine House.  Centered
in our humble historic village, washed
in yellow paint of sun, it stands… 97 more words

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In The Hallway

Written for:  The Mag #271

As I entered the hall,
and looked at the iron hook
on the wall of muted
design, I knew there were two… 46 more words

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Between Two Worlds

Written for:  The Mag #270

Trapped between two worlds,
she tries to push a glass
door open. She is not ready
but her wings are firmly attached, 16 more words

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