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Sunshine House

Written for:  Margo Roby’s Poem Tryouts, A Single Detail-Image prompt

Ask anyone.  They all know
Sunshine House.  Centered
in our humble historic village, washed
in yellow paint of sun, it stands… 97 more words

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In The Hallway

Written for:  The Mag #271

As I entered the hall,
and looked at the iron hook
on the wall of muted
design, I knew there were two… 46 more words

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Between Two Worlds

Written for:  The Mag #270

Trapped between two worlds,
she tries to push a glass
door open. She is not ready
but her wings are firmly attached, 16 more words

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We Wish You Well

Written for:  The Mag #269

Here’s hoping this will
introduce us as pure
people of good will.
We need that Fair
Trade Agreement
with Mars before another… 21 more words

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Roamin' Ego

Written for:  The Mag #268

Ah, wait until she feasts her eyes
on my selfie. No resisting me
then. Look at this head
of curls, check out my… 33 more words

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Engineering Dreams

Written for The Mag #267

Here it comes! Look
at that huge trail
of smoke, like a dragon’s
tail. Think if a kid jumped
from that train, he’d make it? 48 more words

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The Elegant Egg

Written for:  Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads
What’s Your Vision?
Your poem may be about the art itself or about feelings/thoughts/memories/stories the art inspires. It’s wide open. 66 more words

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