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Guyana govt lawyers on Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry cocaine coincidences

it’s been a while since i’ve gone to the walter charade & dance. rainy season is on the horizon and i got plenty stuff to plant… 212 more words



I once painted in black and white. Every finite stroke of the brush, every dull drop of ink, every tediously crafted detail was monotone. Simply whites and blacks, melting into a limp grey. 83 more words


          You cone to a point where you realize, how wrong you were about life. You start to wonder how you can let another in when you have not opened the door for yourself. 59 more words


Remembrance Pt 2

Vientiane Central Government Complex
Purvo, Capellan Confederation
4th January, 3050

Ken wondered if he had over-dressed.  Smoothing the kilt he had received on his native Sarna, he stepped smartly into the complex’s lobby.   1,394 more words


Hello to New Pages

March 30, 2015
A crisp start,
A new book,
with torn pages torn out of it.
Chapters about me and…

~Medici Cruz

A Poem A Day

Of all to forget

March 29, 2015

Forgetting someone is one of the hardest thing to do.

You try to remember all the good times with them,

but then you stop, and start to realize that… 38 more words



Recent discussions with my fellow coworkers have been fairly enlightening. History, ethics, social acceptance, and overall differing opinions; all fascinating subjects.

That aside, as this blog becomes a more centralized point of my writing career, at the moment, I will endeavor to make a post weekly. 117 more words