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Japanese Curry

Hehe. I’ve been wanting to post about my experience at my previous part-time job for some time now! With two more tests and one assignment to complete, now seems like the perfect time to type up a post… Procrastinating at its best. 928 more words


Notting Hill

Serenade outside her window
Like a penniless man in the corner
Of pastel coloured Notting Hill
The moon is a pounding heart
It reminds you of her eyes… 47 more words



Na letu do Frankfurta presabirala sam se šta sam sve ponela, a od Frankfurta do Njujorka šta sam zaboravila. Sve važno stalo mi je krilo. 1,793 more words

Finding inspiration

Last weekend, I was gifted the most amazing, thoughtful and tear-jerking gift I had ever been given in my brief two decades of life. That may not seem like much, but the note that came with it may help to illustrate just how much it meant to me. 385 more words

Prolonged Exposure

Write for 20 minutes using the following phrase as the title: “Prolonged Exposure”

Prolonged exposure to the ways of the world can lead to spiritual death and false belief of salvation. 426 more words

first love 

I understand what they meant by a first love now.

I always figured it’d be with a boy

Who took my hand on nights to the cinema… 289 more words

Writing Progress

Today’s progress: approximately 2000 words of worldbuilding including two race write-ups and brief profiles on 19 deities.

Meanwhile, the subconscious is working on page 44 of the story, e.g. 10 more words