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Day 21 letter challenge

Someone you judged by their first impression.

Dear Dianne,

Hi dude! How are you? I miss you.. I miss chatting with you and sharing stories and laughing with you. 322 more words



I’ve got a bunch of new projects i’m working on. Very inspired & can’t wait to share.

#XD7 - Seven - Love Will Find A Way

“This is different.”

Crystal found the family ran taqueria charming. There was an authenticity his favorite hipster places were unsuccessful at achieving. She found something new in the bright paint on the mural covering the wall every time she ate there. 269 more words



staying home, feeling hearing breathing
but not living.
the walls are visible but you are not.
for the time being, you are a void
a black, sinking void. 76 more words



Silver flakes reflected the bright light of the full moon as the drifted to the ground. The blackbird swooped down and perched itself on the telephone wire above him with a light squawk. 476 more words

Short Story

#XD7 - Seven - The Conversation 

Darius rushed after Alexis, who has steamrolled out of the house.

“Wait! Hold up!” he quickened his pace to catch up to her. The two not-so-strangers stopped on the middle of the lawn. 221 more words


Oh hey there

I’ve been told the transition from high school to college is one of the biggest transitions I’ll make. It’s supposedely scary, freaky, exciting, and awesome. Well, in the next coming months I am going to test that theory as I switch over from a high school senior with a minor-not-so-minor case of senioritis to a college freshman, wanting to take on the world but pretty freaked out. Well, here we go.