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Define dependence. What does it mean to you? Do you believe you are dependent upon something or someone? Do you believe discovering independence is the answer? 1,172 more words


Common Themes PART II? Zombies, Fear, Inaction, The Working Dead

Mesmerizing and awkwardly infantile are the feelings and the times when God decides to slap you on ALL cheeks of the face and ass and says it’s time! 676 more words


Common Themes PART I? Zombies, Fear, Inaction, The Working Dead

All these ideas/phrases stream through my mind on a regular basis. Ever since I left my job last April, I have been imagining the 9-5 crew, the people that work paycheck-to-paycheck, and the passionless posers who are choosing survival versus living. 1,268 more words


A Beautiful Discovery: Death of a Dis Ease- Journaled August 2014

He use to drink, smoke, and wipe his ass with crayon paper when really high. He thought it would help him smell better and bring more creative color to his work. 784 more words


Cold Spit

Id been waiting for this moment for so long. This bitter air. The snow would form a throne for me and I was the only heir. 604 more words


Stream of thought or Heavy ideas from Ocean re: Feelings, feelings, and ugh MORE Feelings

I have realized my car is my sanctuary. It is where I go and rehash my feelings and circumstances. In the privacy of my four doors I speak out loud my feelings and talk to my Higher Source, also myself, and maybe any other ethereal entities that may be listening. 811 more words


In Air

A very bumpy plane ride
Makes me rethink my priorities

It happened once before
An hour out of Houston

Fire in the cargo hold
The pilot told us… 211 more words