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Jane Linfoot's Top Tips For Aspiring Writers

My Top Five Tips for Writing and Getting Published
by Jane Linfoot

1. My first tip is, you have to WRITE. This may sound obvious, but with writing it’s very easy to prevaricate, and talk about it, and think about it, but not actually do any. 542 more words

How Do You Write a First Draft?

I’m recently finished working on a first draft and it was exhilarating, frustrating, and it made me want to kick and break things, but I also got butterflies every time I thought about my idea. 679 more words


Writing Prompt and Internet Troubles

“How do you know?”

“I saw it when I was driving by his street, seen him carrying it. Maybe my eyes decieved me, they are getting a little bit dusty in their age, but a person don’t usually forget somethin like that.” 262 more words


如何從學術界轉業到工業界 (研究生英文編修出版投稿日報) 5/30/2015

* 如何從學術界轉業到工業界
* 學術英文投稿教學影片 (496) Writing in the Sciences 7.2 – Stanford University Online 652 more words


Do you know there are over a hundred variants of fiction genres? Besides your usual historical, romance, horror, young adult, sci-fi, and so on, there are so many other. 226 more words

Writing Tips

Serials and Collections-My New Approach (Part 1)

Those of you who follow my blog and my Facebook group know full-well the frustrations I have experienced while trying to write Glass. Trying to get this plot to go right was like trying to straighten my hair on a humid Georgia day: no matter what special treatments I apply, no matter what “settings” I used,no matter how many times I go over it section by section, it.just.wasn’t.going.to.sit.right.  994 more words


Writer's Road Trip - Part 2: Editing and Marketing Ideas from Children’s Bedtime Stories #childstorytelling

This post has no mention off classic fairytales or any other classic bedtime stories. This post is about how to use the techniques used in a bedtime story to help you edit and market your own books. 993 more words