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Blogging about Adverbs, thoughtfully and with purpose

I’ve been musing about adverbs lately, considering their place in the fictional universe, the pros and cons of their use, and what role they play in building a world and maintaining pacing. 548 more words

   Okay, so for the followers I have + friends and family who stalk my site, you may have noticed how inconsistent I am with blogging.  130 more words

How To

On Giving and Receiving Criticism

There is little else that’s harder than to make something, especially something inducing pride, and have another person tell you that there’s a problem with your creation. 1,200 more words


You ARE a Great Writer

As a debut author, we aren’t afforded the privileges of an established author. It’s like we’re standing on the outside looking in to another world that has not included us…yet. 562 more words


The Call of "Story" (Learning to Live a Better Story)

There is a traditional Lakota tale of a woman and an eagle. A disaster had struck the land and the woman was left alone, the only surviving member of her people. 833 more words


What's So Funny?

I think humor is anything that causes me amusement, generally incongruity, exaggeration, satire, irony or buffoonery.

I tend to overlook that “humor” was coined many moons ago to describe a person’s temperament that is out of balance. 311 more words