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Do you need to work on your time management?

The complaint is always the same:  I don’t have time to write.

Inspirational religious speaker, Joyce Meyer, has a great saying that she uses when she hears people say they don’t have time to study their bibles.   328 more words


Tick Tock

I must govern the clock, not be governed by it. – Golda Meir 

Don’t wait. The time will never be just right. – Napoleon Hill  969 more words


Writing Time

People keep interrupting my writing time which is really annoying even when they do it for a good reason (like giving me chocolate). The not good reasons typically involve dragging me away from my keyboard are mentally exhausting. 72 more words


Wasting Time & Not Giving a Damn: The Art of Being A Young Writer

Maybe we have to waste time to be writers.

A year ago, in the car on the way back from Seattle, I had the talk with a few friends. 682 more words


Careful what you wish for...You might just get it.

If you look back through my posts, you might notice an ongoing desire for balance in my life.

An admitted writing addict, there’s nothing more I like to do more than rise from bed at 4:00 in the morning, brew a cup of coffee, and relax back in my recliner, laptop across my knees. 555 more words

The Adventure Of Writing

HTML, CSS, and Java Script: Why I Decided to Learn Basic Programing

Yes, those are indeed programing languages.

You are probably wondering why I’m trying to teach myself how to do some basic programing (or maybe you already know the answer). 512 more words


How White Space Makes You a Better Writer

There is a mysterious, magical element many writers have yet to discover in this world. Those who have wonder why it took so long to find. 36 more words

How Balance