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Finding the Time to Write

Hey, BCs,

Help! How do u find time 2 write? I want 2 write a book but I am waaaaaaaaaay 2 busy.

Ur Friend,

–Fly (in the ointment of my life) 599 more words


The Short Story: +25 Skill and +25 Magical Power

When you ask an author what they would like to write–“Short stories!”–isn’t usually what you hear. Most often writers are looking to write a novel– or at least the ones that I’ve met are. 890 more words


Writing Tip: Kicking Procrastination to the Curb!

pro•cras•ti•nate – (prō-krăs′tə-nāt′); 1) To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness; 2) To postpone or delay needlessly.

I think the definitions should be reversed. 857 more words

On Writing

Protecting Your Space To Write

Writing can be a passion in the abstract but a phantom in reality. I love to write, you might say. Perhaps your mantra is “I must write to be a whole person.” Whatever your ideal of writing, we must all put it into practice. 530 more words



The past two days, I’ve been working on the sequel to The Seance. It’s the first time in over a month that I’ve done any significant writing. 214 more words


Job Watch: Prospects (2015)

The first month of 2015 hasn’t exactly been treating me different from the prior year (leftover bad luck spell?). I think everyone can agree job hunting is quite frankly, a major pain in the ass. 300 more words


Gleanings: Writing Time Management and other struggles

Whether you’re published or not, feeling like you haven’t gotten anything done unless you’ve written even a paragraph is a good indication you are a writer. 394 more words

Writing Life