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Yours, appreciatively

One often reads that adverbs should be avoided. This is sound advice, on the whole. They generally clutter unnecessarily, add astoundingly little, and are arguably actually used relatively ineffectively. 176 more words


Writing is an Exploration

I have been working on my second YA fiction novel currently titled Terra Linda. Having already written and published a YA fiction novel, my approach to writing has slightly changed. 191 more words

YA Fantasy

Speaking Opportunities and the Advantage of Charisma

I went to a convention about publishing once. I like events like those. They feel chaotic and out-of-date before they start. It’s a good creative energy. 988 more words


Where to Write

This blog post asks the question, Where do you like to write? Of all the billions of issues facing writers, where to write should rank near the bottom twelfth, but then again where you write is where you start writing. 492 more words


Don't start at the beginning

I put my kids in front of the computer to watch “E.T.” as a generational experiment, to see if it takes. Right away, Charlotte (7) starts firing off questions: … 337 more words


A Comment On How I Review Things

When I review a piece of media (e.g., a book or a film), I tend to approach it from two different angles:

Writing Technique

Spaceless Freewriting

So let me explain that this experiment is a freewrite exercise. I often use freewriting to get some variety into the practice routine without getting TOO distracted. 160 more words