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The Courage to be Published

Next Tuesday, June 2, is a birthday of sorts. If a book can have a birthday, that is. Let’s say they can.

My friend Debra Dockter is going to see her first book in print. 701 more words

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Friday Ramblings From An Author-The Last One in May

May’s winding down and for once I got to cross off everything on my to do list. A rare thing for me. I usually put too much on it and end the month disappointed and frustrated. 205 more words

Friday Ramblings


We perceive silence is a dichotomous thing. In our minds, it is beautiful and at the same time quite fearsome. We believe that silence brings with it so much that so many of us are inclined to shy away from.  507 more words


Blackbird is on the Way

Blackbird: Book 7 of the Colplatschki Chronicles is being processed and should be available tomorrow or Sunday. It is a saga of high bravery, low treachery, young men being foolish, and one man saving the world (and buying lots and lots of books).

Writing Life

New Approach to An Old Problem: aka 365 Day Writing Challenge

How to get my butt in the seat. The biggest–and theoretically easiest–problem I face in writing.

Yesterday I started an adventure dubbed “The 365 Day Writing Challenge.” It was instigated by a friend from Stonecoast who has just started a year of being “just” a writer (meaning she will be doing plenty of things other than writing, of course, but that her “day job” will be writing and working on her MFA–my words for it; check out… 437 more words