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Ruminating on Failure

I bit the inside of my lower lip in my sleep last night and my front teeth keep reminding me of this fact — this error — every time they scrape the wound. 80 more words

The Writing Life

Choosing What to Work on Next

I’ve finished teaching at PNCA for the year. I’m off to spend a month in Brooklyn. And I finally have a big chunk of time to devote to creative projects with nothing to distract me. 259 more words


Back Up Your Work!

I had a mini-heart attack this morning. Okay, it was actually a major heart attack (figuratively speaking).

I plugged in my thumb drive to add a note to my epic fantasy manuscript and saw, to my horror, that my Scrivener file I saved last night after typing was gone! 329 more words


Updates on my Writing

Most of you know me as an avid reader, which I absolutely am. I am also a writer. July looks like it will be a busy month for me. 224 more words

Not writing can be such a good thing for a writer to do.

I often say that writing is so important if you’re a writer, well you should be writing. However, just for a moment I want to talk about another very important aspect of the writing process. 254 more words

"Sciatica" (poem)


You can never call Pain friend.
It is quarrelsome, insistent,
practically inescapable
like a boorish relative one must
endure at weddings
and family functions… 13 more words


Writing Abroad

City of Lights, one of my short stories, will be part of the 2015 Kaleidoscope Anthology from Writers Abroad. The stories had to be written in English from authors who have left their native land. 70 more words

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