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Bad, Bad Writer!

Haha! I’m so baaaad! See this:

This is the view from my workspace. Normally, it’s a clear view straight out onto the deck. My living room/kitchen/dining room a perfect zen space of clean lines and organization. 197 more words


Writing and Revision: Have I Been Following (and giving) the Wrong Advice?

I teach high school English, so of course, I give a lot of writing advice to my students. It’s my job, after all, to teach young people how to write. 752 more words

Writing Life

Perhaps the Busiest Freelancing Week Ever

Not only has this week been full of time-intensive work, it has also been full of time on the road. I went across the state of North Carolina this week, then to each corner of our Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Triangle in one day, then finally a full uninterrupted day working entirely at home. 1,278 more words


On changes and the finances.

Okay so since I’ve decided to alter how I finance this shit show of a thing I want to talk about how it is going. 515 more words

Writing Life

Introducing Iron Twine Press

I’ve always been a jump first, learn later risk taker. I know the situations I want to see myself in and when the opportunity presents itself, I’m willing to go in ignorant and learn my way out. 782 more words

Ethan Yarbrough

How Blogging Saved my Sorry Writer’s Ass

Started out innocent enough. A writer friend was going on vacation, could I cover his blog while he was gone? A blog? WTF is a blog? 665 more words