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Fear Not The Wolf

It’s not the wolf in sheep’s clothing I fear most, they are easily identifiable.

It’s when sheep behave like wolves and can’t see it which scares me, for it is much more insidious. 158 more words

Writing Life

I'm all about that pink, 'bout that pink, no eggshell!

Color and Writing.

Color. It’s not news color is a part of our lives, but color is something I’ve come to truly appreciate, recovering from a major life trauma. 320 more words


A Single Mom

I would like to take time to appreciate my blogger friends for the kind encouragement I have received for my blog, “A Single Mom”. I began this blog in 2009, just two months after losing my job as a paralegal. 412 more words


Research tools for writing historical fiction in the 21st century

Times sure have changed. A research trip to hunt down archival material used to take me weeks of self-indulgent white-gloved hiding out in the dungeons of one or other of the State Libraries dotted around our vast coastline, turning page after fragile page of old journals, records and obscure newspaper accounts of little remembered historical happenings of interest only to the social history researcher intent on tracking down tidbits to add colour and vibrancy to their latest exotic fiction set in times long past. 268 more words


Friday Ramblings From An Author-Writing Book Pre-Launch

Another busy week. The two March workshops ended today and I have a week’s break until the two in April begin. Crafting the Short Story and POV…if you know anyone’s who’s interested check out my writing schedule on the site. 133 more words

Friday Ramblings

To the Thawing Wind

I’ve been having fun taking public domain poems and setting them to music recently. Here’s a little spring fever piece by Robert Frost, very roughly recorded by yours truly. 19 more words