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Thursday Writing Prompt No. 118

Welcome to this week’s Thursday Writing Prompt. Since it’s the Fourth of July weekend coming up I posted a photo of fireworks for your inspirational prompt. 261 more words

Thursday Writing Prompt


For those of you who are interested, Camp NaNoWriMo has officially started for the month of July!

One of the great things about Camp is that you can pick your own word count goal; you don’t have to reach 50k if you don’t want to, or you can go completely above & beyond by setting an even higher goal. 231 more words

Creative Writing

Time War

I walk across the shattered shards of time,

Like the shifting sands of some alien shore,

Crystals sparkling beneath golden rays,

And stretching out before me, eternity. 146 more words


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

J.K. Rowling is working on a Harry Potter prequel! Well, sort of. It’s actually a play, not a new novel, but it does take place before the events of the first book. 48 more words


What does a Writer really Think? #amwriting #inspiration

The sun was setting on a late June day in the North of England. I had gone upstairs to get ready for bed, and as I was closing my bedroom curtains, I paused and stared thoughtfully ahead. 404 more words

Random Musings

Writing Prompts pt. 86

  • Make up a news story about a person who finds something strange or disgusting in their food.
  • Pick out a favorite scene from a book or movie and rewrite it in a different location, time period, or genre.
  • 55 more words


She stayed hidden behind the brush. Eden had told her not to follow, but they both knew that she would anyway. She just wanted to see the magic, the powers Eden had been talking about. 95 more words