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Fun Prompt

1.  Go to Goodreads.

2.  Find “Your Books”. (Hell, grab your To Be Read List too!)

3.  Take a few titles and replace a word in it with something you have right now, or something you like (Black Eyed Peas, fries, Cookie Monster, etc.) 74 more words

Write Every Day

Good Writing is GOOD for Business

After updating my FEE $TRUCTURE page this morning, I found these two articles I hope you will – as a flourishing small business or enterprising entrepreneur – find useful! 91 more words

Growing Pains: Combining humor and pathos in children's book writing

Illustration by Hans Fischer (1959): Pitschi

It was British fantasy writer, Dianna Wynne Jones who said she would much rather write for children. Because she didn’t have to explain things to them as she did with adults (editors, etc.). 311 more words

Writing Inspiration


You can only fight
for love so many times
before it knocks you out,
hits you between the eyes.
That technical knock out
Teddy P sang about. 119 more words

A Flower

A flower being kissed by the sun
of such rare and exquisite beauty
I reach to it embracing its essence
Deep in the place where my love lies… 120 more words

Spiritual - Inspirational - Christian

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