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Independent Bookstore Day

Get out and show the love at your local independent bookstore – often the only stores willing to offer for sale some of the so many wonderful novels not put out by the Big Five publishers. 7 more words


When is the Best Time to Write?

“Writing is self-employment, so you can make your own schedule.”

-Lois Lowry


As always, the obvious answer to my post’s title is “it depends”—everyone is on a different schedule.

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“Great travel writing consists of equal parts curiosity, vulnerability and vocabulary" - Tom Miller

The next method of writing we tried was travel writing. I had recently visited Cambodia and Vietnam so was able to draw from real life events from these bizarre little countries. 951 more words

Bridget Caldwell

In the professional writing industry, emerging new writers are considered especially unlikely to succeed. In Melbourne, Australia, the dedicated students who venture into these careers are members of an elite squad known as the Swinburne Arts faculty. 17 more words

Bridget Caldwell

Price Drop!

It seems there’s been a slight price drop over at amazon for the kindle edition of Moose Tracks on the Road to Heaven! It’s not a huge drop, but, hey, as a reader, I always go by the mantra that every little bit counts, especially for a long book (104,000 words or 347 print pages) like this one. 102 more words


E-Book Economic Changes for Writing

So change is coming…or is it already here? There is a lot of controversy on the infamous “E-book vs Printed Book” and the effects the new technology will bring for the writing industry as a whole. 862 more words

Beginning Writers

For the New Year...

As a writer/self-published and traditionally published author/teacher/wife/mom/daughter/sister/friend (you get the idea) who keeps fighting the good fight to let the message of this quote inform my life, I love it, but I also recognize that it is a tough one to achieve. 48 more words