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Price Drop!

It seems there’s been a slight price drop over at amazon for the kindle edition of Moose Tracks on the Road to Heaven! It’s not a huge drop, but, hey, as a reader, I always go by the mantra that every little bit counts, especially for a long book (104,000 words or 347 print pages) like this one. 102 more words


E-Book Economic Changes for Writing

So change is coming…or is it already here? There is a lot of controversy on the infamous “E-book vs Printed Book” and the effects the new technology will bring for the writing industry as a whole. 862 more words

Beginning Writers

For the New Year...

As a writer/self-published and traditionally published author/teacher/wife/mom/daughter/sister/friend (you get the idea) who keeps fighting the good fight to let the message of this quote inform my life, I love it, but I also recognize that it is a tough one to achieve. 48 more words


How and Why to Independently Publish Your Book

In the final installment of my “publishing crash course,” I will be discussing independent publishing, also known as “self-publishing.” If you missed the other two days, feel free to go back and read my crash courses in… 1,044 more words


HELPFUL HINT #4: Why Networking ISN'T So Bad


I’ve been CRAZY BUSY with finals and studying and all other college things, I haven’t had much time to blog! 786 more words


How and Why to Vanity Publish Your Book

For this edition of my “publishing crash course,” I lay out the different approaches “vanity publishing” and discuss when it may actually be a good publishing option for someone. 1,077 more words