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It’s almost here. Tomorrow, in fact! I’ll be heading to Greenville, SC, to participate in a fabulous writing confererence, Write2Ignite! And this year, we’ll have a precious guest artist as part of our worship team, … 46 more words

Writing For Children

Heart and Soul

As you know if you’ve been reading my recent posts, I’ve been hard at work revising my MG Fantasy. Last week I wrote about how one of my two main characters (aka MCs), my street rat, didn’t have a unique voice. 379 more words

An Announcement Here Soon!!

Apologies for my silence. I am swan-like at the moment, with everything happening like crazy under the surface. I look forward to sharing my news with you soon! 90 more words

Plowing Together: Finding Ideas After You've Taken a Break from Writing - Please Comment

I took a break for a couple months because life got a little crazy. Sometimes when you take a break like that, you come back to a dry field. 26 more words


Creating a Journal: by Suzy Leopold

Can you guess what Andrew Carnegie, Winston Churchill, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, and Theodore Roosevelt all have in common? They all kept journals. All of these famous individuals wrote in a personal notebook on a daily basis. 826 more words


Cutting Out Sweets


No, I’m not going on a diet. The sweets I’m cutting out are of a purely literary variety.

That’s right, it’s revision time!

Call it what you will: killing your darlings, killing your babies (I have real babies, so I don’t particularly enjoy this one), whatever – it all comes down to the same thing: eliminating precious snippets of text you’ve spent hours creating  in order to improve your story. 259 more words

All the words that fit

You see those people talking?  The woman laughing?  The lamp-lit snow in the window behind her?  Dim light and intimacy in a rustic setting; words shared in the middle of nowhere.   464 more words