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15. Favourite Place to Visit

Seriously, have I like totally lost all credibility with this stupid writing challenge? I’ve skipped days, I’ve lagged behind, I’ve made promises I can’t keep. 520 more words

10. A photo diary.. a day in the life

But seriously, WHY?  If nothing else a photo diary of a day in my life will highlight the real “whateverness” of my existence.  But here’s the thing.  798 more words

9. Connection

I write a lot about states of being.  I’m big on observation.  Observation of my thoughts and feelings, of my understanding of what’s happening in my physical, outer environment and also what’s happening in my inner environment, the inside bits and pieces that make up how I really am.  615 more words

8. Loneliness

I’ve hit a one week wall on this challenge and I very nearly chatted myself out of writing tonight.  I gave myself a host of excuses.  581 more words

7. My alter, what, why?

It seems somewhat uncanny that on day seven of my writing challenge I get to write about a tiny little sacred space I created just for the purpose of honouring and absorbing the Holy in my life.  678 more words

6. Motherhood

All mothers are slightly insane

– J.D. Salinger, Catcher in the Rye

I concur.  My own mother was, and I am.  Slightly.  Not totally.  There is something about the persistent constancy of motherhood that one is never prepared for. 

477 more words