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Day 78: Urban Beauty

It’s past 2 am Central time in Chicago, IL. I’ve spent nearly two days here. The time has been filled with surprisingly reasonable amounts of sleep, tons of walking, new places to eat and hundreds of pictures that I still have to develop and comb through. 285 more words

Writing Everyday

Day 77: The American Dream

As the presidential elections approach, it’s inevitable that we ate going to receive an onslaught of information about various candidate’s promises, which most definitely will mention the American Dream. 167 more words

Writing Everyday

Weekend Worries

Weekends are rough. Finding the time is easier for me during the week. I work well with a routine. Many writers and artists I have met do, too. 380 more words

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Day 76: Photography

I don’t think I’ve written a blog post about photography before. The art form frequently gets forgotten as an art form, instead thought of as a way to hold memories in a visual format. 239 more words

Writing Everyday

Day 75: Medium

People love to say the phrase “you’re one in a million,” not realizing that means that I’m in a group with 7,000 other people on the planet. 264 more words

Writing Everyday

Day 74: Being Healthy Sucks

I don’t want to write another post to voice my general frustration, but it looks like that’s happening again. If you remember a few posts ago… 311 more words

Writing Everyday

Day 73: The Liberal Arts

One of the main gripes I have with my soon-to-be college is the incredible focus on technology. This is unsurprising, considering the title of Georgia Institute of… 271 more words

Writing Everyday