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Circling the chair

There’s a lot of faffing to be done before you can actually write, isn’t there?  Or is it just me?

A lovely friend of mine… 209 more words

writing discipline

For a long time, I fussed with finding a good time to write. Since I’m still working–although at home and for myself–when I write during the day, I feel guilty. 359 more words


Close to the Edit

Wow, it’s looking a bit old and dusty around here, isn’t it? Sorry about that – as you might imagine, with Heir To The North looming on the horizon like great Leviathan rising to the surface, my attention has somewhat inevitably been focused elsewhere.  562 more words


Writing As Practice

I can’t think of anything to write, even as I sit here with all the free time I could ever want for a Thursday. It’s frustrating, but then again, that’s the whole point. 341 more words


Keeping the momentum

I understand why people advocate writing every day.  It’s all about keeping the momentum and building a habit.

If you work on something regularly it stays in your head.  110 more words


Yes, we get rusty.  We take time away from our writing and we forget how.  We pursue shiny new ideas that have nothing to do with our creative dreams.  106 more words

Journalling – like a private blog, before blogging was a thing...

For years and years and years I kept a journal – which was like a private blog, before blogging existed. And no one read it – it was written for me. 389 more words