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Journalling – like a private blog, before blogging was a thing...

For years and years and years I kept a journal – which was like a private blog, before blogging existed. And no one read it – it was written for me. 389 more words

Writing Away from the Keyboard

I haven’t been spending much time writing these days. These daily blog posts are just about the only writing I have been doing. But it doesn’t worry me. 167 more words

Notes On Writing

Take A Trip, Clear Your Mind

Writing is a routine. It must be. The brain adjusts well to regimentation, it likes to know when to start being creative and when to stop. 384 more words

Thoughts On Writing

Tending the Fires

To change a behavior you have to change the thinking behind it. More specifically:  the attitude you hold towards that behavior or the emotion that comes to mind when you think of engaging in an activity. 620 more words

By A.M.

Fifth Decade of Desire

When did I start desiring to write, or to be more precise, to become an author? I can recall the very first poem I wrote, entitled “ 537 more words

Disciplined writing

There’s one thing I’ve known almost as long as I’ve been a writer: you must make time for writing.

I guess every writer has experienced that moment when someone met by chance, learning what you do, says ‘I could write a book, if only I had the time.’ And you bite your tongue rather than say, ‘If you really were a writer, you’d make the time.’ That’s what a writer is after all, someone who writes. 308 more words

Authorial Voice

The Passion and the Effort

Since the writing bug first bit me, I have been passionate about writing. I lived, breathed, dreamed, and talked story, story, story. My characters were often my only childhood companions and my story worlds gave me imaginary outlets to explore during a sometimes lonely youth. 671 more words