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Alright Wattpad was one of the first legit writing sites I went to, that didn’t involve fan fiction. Yes, I was active on fanfiction.net if that’s what you’re wondering.  883 more words


New Neighbors

I have the great fortune of being new neighbors with a writer – a kind, warm, generous, multi-faceted writer who travels and plays music and mentors young people and builds community among writers. 452 more words

Writers need other Writers

I’m a writer, an aspiring fiction author, an occasional poet, a fairly new blogger, and I don’t know many others like me. I’m talking about others who share my passion for putting words together and watching them come alive. 1,505 more words



It was the last time,
she said.
I knew it wouldn’t be,

the last time.

It’s not that I didn’t believe her, though;
I knew she believed it wouldn’t happen again. 19 more words

A Mess

You let me bore you with my thoughts, my words.
But, you wanted more.

You tried to cut into my skin, to  look into my soul. 51 more words

"Every Book Still Kicks My A**" Words of Solidarity from the SCBWI 2015 NY Winter Conference

By Diana Zipeto

Dr. Brené Brown, vulnerability researcher, says that in the midst of struggle, the two words we most want to hear are, “Me, too.” One of my biggest takeaways from the SCBWI 2015 Winter Conference in New York earlier this month was to hear illustrators, authors, mentors and peers saying, “Me, too.” 506 more words


Struggle of Writing

If I’m being honest, I’d really like to write a novel–not one of those mythical or fanatical novels, but a real honest one. You know the ones? 133 more words