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T’was a whirlwind romance, but when the tornado hit, she blew him off.

The Unlucky 13

3LT Week 30- I Quit

written for Three Line Thursday Week 30

Photo by Gidget Bates

Johnny, Jack, & Jim always were a few good friends

Always had a ball once the night would fall, but… 19 more words


Letter #10: The person (people) I miss the most

Dear J, L, and S,

It’s funny to think you’ve only just started your day, when mine is slowly drifting into the later hours – it’s almost dark outside here. 760 more words



She’d pat the piglet

Her pet

Hoping they wouldn’t but they did.

Pit readied, coals perfect

Into the pot it was placed after slitting it’s throat… 82 more words

Fiction & Poetry

Letter #2: My parents

Dear Mummy and Daddy,

With most of what I do, I want to make you proud. I don’t ever want to feel like I’ve disappointing you – you don’t deserve that. 244 more words


15 Day Letter Challenge... aka Major Writing-Fest

It all began with a real need to write (as you may have picked up on from previous posts…) but a real lack of inspiration (again, may have been mentioned before…) So, what does one do when the mind has closed the creative doors? 194 more words


The Alphabet Challenge

A couple of months ago (if not longer), I came across a new writing event. One that seems rather interesting and one that I can’t wait to start! 94 more words

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