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A Good Start to a Great Writing Day

Took a step back, read up on how some other folks deal with the “end of the novel blues” and am ready to start the writing day a-new.   75 more words

N.R. Allen

A Hodgepodge of Sorts

Hello there, Terrible Blogger here, back after how many months of a hiatus. Shame on me! Really, for shame! In all that time I couldn’t sit down and write a few posts? 285 more words


I am terrible at blogging. There I said it. And it’s totally true. I cannot blog. Therefore I’d like to apologize to those who actually come to my blog with the hope that I’ve finally posted something. 614 more words


Being a journalist, there are a lot of things I can tolerate. I can tolerate people’s nosy looks after stating my name and the paper I am affiliated with. 453 more words

Profundity Or Plain Lameness

I've Got The Writing Blues

Happy Monday!

In spite of it all, I still want to have a happy Monday. What’s going on readers? How was your weekend? Mine was blah! 648 more words


Avoiding Graduate School, One Blog Post at a Time

Ever have moments of discouragement? I’ve been full of them lately. I’m still working on the first round of edits and re-writes of my manuscript, but I’ve also been reading a TON and I can’t help but feel like I’m not on the same page as everyone else. 243 more words

Updates And The Like

Writing Blues

Sometimes you feel that the world is dawning in on you

You feel as though the darkness surrounds you

Shadows everywhere, and you feel lost and forsaken… 241 more words