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June Wrap-Up: What 30 Days of LinkedIn Has Taught Me

For anyone who hasn’t heard yet, my mission for the month of June has been to explore ways to boost my LinkedIn presence.

I’ve been a marketing and public relations pro for years, and I’m a lexicon of social media strategy and tactics knowledge—but when it’s come to my own personal efforts, I’ve let a lot slide to the wayside for myself. 409 more words

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How to Get New Clients on LinkedIn

Connecting with new clients through LinkedIn is an idea I’ve become really interested in since transitioning to freelancing.

And while my time in marketing and PR have made me a lexicon of knowledge about using LinkedIn for social media platforming, using it for this kind of pure networking is totally new to me. 322 more words

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5 Tips for Using LinkedIn Groups from a Reformed Doubter

I’ve only very recently started to actually engage with LinkedIn groups.

For a long time, they seemed too much like forums, and forums were just too much chaos and trolling for me. 625 more words

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Lessons in Blogging: The Benefits of an Editorial Calendar

At the end of April, I announced a long-term push to focus on a new aspect of improving the Creative Juicer platform each month, and to report the results here on the blog for accountability and to share what I learn along the way. 479 more words

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5 Productivity Tricks to Get More Done

When it comes to productivity, I’ve noticed two things about freelancing. One, there are always, always more tasks for your to-do list. And two, every day is a completely blank slate—there’s no time you have to be at the office in the morning, no meetings, no supervisor to report to. 486 more words

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How to Set Yourself Apart with a Freelance Writing Niche

There’s tons of writers out there, and as Ben Folds puts it, there’s always someone cooler than you—someone with more experience, or a bigger blog, or better SEO for their website. 513 more words