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I'm a Professional Writer Now!

I wanted to see what freelance writing was like, so I wrote a commissioned article for a website. I got paid $2 dollars for it! Whoot! 275 more words


For Individual Success, You'll Need a Team

Have a look at this picture from the acknowledgements page of a book my mother was reading (click the image to get a clearer view): 152 more words

By Ethan Yarbrough

Me on the BBC Radio and more news....

I was interviewed yesterday morning on our local BBC radio station, and talked about why I wrote the book, my background as a Third Culture Kid (TCK) and gave some advice for anyone planning a move overseas. 136 more words


Laugh On Monday!

If this doesn’t make you smile on a Monday,  you’re a tough crowd. This is from grammarly.com

“Ever make an embarrassing grammatical mistake that other people judged you for? 71 more words


The R-Rated Power Rangers Fan Video Debacle - What Are My Thoughts?

“We double dare  you to mess with this pristine image of us! If you do, Saban will send us to kick your ass… er, give you a spanking! 5,698 more words

My Rants

My First Job

Other than a paper route, my first job was at Max’s Bakery in Lapeer, Michigan. I poured coffee for the regulars, sold doughnuts by the dozen, obsessively mopped the floor, and learned how really yummy doughnuts were made. 144 more words

Lorraine Wilde

Birthing a Book: The A-Z guide

I wanted to write something about how I got to this point with the Expat Partner’s Survival Guide but I feared a 10,000 word essay coming on so decided to break it down a bit into more easily digestible chunks. 2,653 more words