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Write your ending first.

Crazy! Reckless! Irresponsible!

If these are the words that come to mind when I suggest that you should write the ending to your story first, then check out Amanda Patterson’s article… 77 more words


The boarder’s basic checklist for surviving in Metro Manila

Not all houses are created equal, and this is especially noticeable if you live in a developing country. Although organizational tips from Pinterest will give you lists of things you will need as a college student or a young professional who is boarding – aka living in someone else’s house ala shabby chic – these are not applicable in Metro Manila. 1,331 more words


How to Fix Your Story Without Going Back to the Drawing Board

The Case Against Editing as You Go

When I first started writing I scrutinized every paragraph the moment after typing. I counted the syllables so I could adjust for rhythm and flow. 1,387 more words


Things I Suck At, Volume II: Character Physical Descriptions

On more than a few occasions, my critique partners have told me they struggle to visualize my characters. Reviewing my work, it’s not hard to see why. 749 more words

Writing A Novel

6 Things You Need To Know About Story Concept

1. It matters. It’s the key to selling your story to other people. It’s one of the first things, along with genre and word count, that you’re going to put in a query. 806 more words


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Why You Need a Theme - And How It Can Kill Your Writing

This was the last thing Swen said to me, before he jumped off the cliff: “I’m going to do something that you will never forget. Witness me.” 593 more words