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Guest post: "Getting It Done: What Determines a Writing Quota?" by Franklin Leo

Getting It Done: What Determines a Writing Quota?

by Franklin Leo

Writing is hard, and even for the experienced, it continues to be difficult. Whether it’s editing or drafting, there’s always a point when we find ourselves unable to move forward simply because time is such a huge issue. 617 more words

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I know I need to write as often as I can. Now that I'm a month into my summer break from college, even with a full-time (technically seasonal) job, I honestly have no excuse NOT to write. I completely agree to not necessarily have a 1,000 word quota, so long as I've written something. Reading is something I've noticed I'm doing more of now, and that's something I should continue to do even when I'm back at college (I don't count textbooks).

Query Tracker - Taking the Fuss Out of Finding and Submitting to Agents

Just yesterday I ran into a fellow writer at the airport (while waiting in line to get groped by the TSA) and we started talking about projects we were working on and stories we’d managed to get published. 467 more words


Featured Video & Thoughts: Word Crimes Music Video by Weird Al Yankovic

Today’s video is a semi-educational music video for my fellow writers out there: Word Crimes by Weird Al. This is an delightfully enlightening video that addresses some of the more infamous crimes against spelling and grammar that plague humanity nowadays. 114 more words


Writing Advice from Wimbledon

Wimbledon started on Monday, and as I’ve watched the early rounds this week, I’ve been thinking about how much tennis has taught me about writing. 1,292 more words

Stephanie Storey

If in doubt, throw it out – a motto for writing

Quite a bit of what’s written – certainly in this day and age – is really practise, like a pianist running through those interminable Czerny exercises. 308 more words


10 Survival Tips for Writing Your First Novel (31DBBB Challenge Day 2)

So you’re about to start writing a book.

The fact that you’ve already come this far—decided you’re going to start writing a book regardless of how terrified you might be—is impressive enough. 868 more words

Meg Dowell

Ten Reasons to Write Fantasy

 “Why don’t you write something normal for a change?” That’s what my wife often says to me after she’s read my latest piece of fiction. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t like what I’ve written – well, not always … It’s just another reminder that one man’s meat is another woman’s poison. 234 more words