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Syphoning Nightmare Fuel

The Difference Between Dream Logic and Story Logic

People always ask authors where their ideas come from. In the case of Sandman creator, Neil Gaiman, fans always ask if he gets his ideas from dreams. 1,253 more words


Bunking Off Writing

I’m always looking for that life-changing piece of writing advice, the one that fixes everything and makes you a best-selling author. I’m constantly reading magazine articles about what my favourite authors have for breakfast, or where they go to write, or how many sips of tea they have before they start writing, etc. 269 more words


Another Immutable Writerly Rule

Treat the below items like the puss filled sebaceous cysts they are and excise them from your manuscript:

Obvious/assumed actions and redundant informational  phrases:

  Tricky Dick Mugillacutty picked up a slice of pizza in his hand, brought it to his mouth and took a bite. 267 more words

Writing Advice: Too Many Things At Once

Organize Ideas (a.k.a. Pen your master plan!)

I’ve learned that whenever you got a lot going on at once in your story, it’s helpful to make a list – or several – for what you want to happen. 237 more words

Music & Lit.

Blockhead, moving passed it...

Blockhead, moving passed it….

I have found three tried and true methods of moving passed my Blockheadedness (third grade poetic license) and really do help to move you through the sludge. 479 more words

Creative Writing


Characters are one of the most important things in your story. At least that’s my opinion.  Would you read about a character who was boring, unlikable and annoying? 233 more words