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For When the Magic Seems to Run Dry

Dear Artists of all sorts:

You may be having a “bad art” day. Or week… Or year. It happens. It’s okay to go through this. And I promise you there’s ways to fix it. 447 more words


Writers Roundup

Time for another look around the Web and roundup some helpful blog posts, articles, and other resources to help you in your pursuit of writing near-perfection (because nothing is perfect, right?). 577 more words

Writing Advice

Through Anger and Pain (The Writer Chronicles 4)

Writing through anger and one’s deepest insecurities being activated is like trying to transport a lighted candle up a mountain through a hailstorm.

In the middle of a Zen-filled week of quietly working through obstacles and putting words on the page; reaching for the quiet joy of creating and learning to meditate – a huge fight erupted in the Writer household. 106 more words


#AtoZChallenge: P is for Point of View

For the A-Z challenge, I am posting writing and editing tips to help you improve and enhance your writing.

P is for Point of View… 301 more words


You're a Genius All The Time

Much as I love to ramble on when it’s time for Stream of Consciousness Saturday, I think I’m going to let brevity get the better of my wit today. 353 more words


Power Of The Ritted Word

der muss smit,

2d fur muss smits shoe en tel aye rit bot apels. mie mum en ded lyke apels. aye lyke apels 2. eff u dawnt lyke apels u r en stoopid. 795 more words