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“To practice your karma yoga is to practice what you were put on this planet to do. My Karma yoga is the practice of writing; just like Bikram.

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How I Make It Happen

The Block


Maraming rason kung bakit ngayon nalang ulit ako nagsusulat, marami ring rason kung bakit huminto ako noon. 2nd year high school ako, sa loob ng seminaryo, nang ginawa ko ang kauna-unahan kong website, free web hosting ito at hanggang ngayon ay buhay pa. 408 more words


A Mindful Mission. Commitment to Personal Growth

They say you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. So as twenty-fifteen came around, and I entered my thirty-fourth year for fuck sake, I decided to discover what differences I can make in my life. 358 more words


Writer's Block

326 Days Left

The black blob covered her brain and rendered her mind blank. She searched, running through her memories, trying to recuperate the idea she’d lost. 47 more words


Writers Block

There’s this rude visitor,

He comes unexpectedly,

Stealing my ideas

Taking them as his own.

Inconsiderate. Impolite.

Hated. Despised.

To him it’s all a game; 32 more words

The Writing Process

The writing process. What is it and how do I get one? More importantly, do I need one?

Answer: probably, yes. At the moment my writing process involves sometimes getting changed out of my pajamas, drinking tea, listening to the sort of airy floaty indie-pop that I imagine creative people listen to, and generally browsing social media until the shadow of guilt becomes to big to ignore. 482 more words