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Self Hate

So I have a confession to make. I have been dragging my feet on this blog post. As I dragged my feet I was blaming it on my indecision, something I’ve written about before but while that has played a part in the dragging of my feet is is not the root cause. 650 more words

"What do 'you' do when your moose goes on strike?"

Further to http://www.thepoeticmoose.com

What do ‘you’ do when your moose goes on strike?
Do you bathe in past glories;
Go out for a hike?
Catch up on your reading; 82 more words


Writing is Painful.

At the tender age of 7, I spent what seemed like an innumerable amount of hours working on what would be my very first “novel.” Inspired by my fascination for insects (a passion I have long left behind), my literary chef-d’oeuvre came to be about a ladybug and his (or her, I’m not quite sure) quest for, um…well I can’t seem to remember that either. 477 more words


Chewing the cud

Poets are cows
Scattered on fields of language

Morning to evening they
Tear up juicy stalks of words

Worn molars chewing out chlorophyll
Defining, refining, agonizing… 57 more words

Fiction & Poetry

Writer's Block (Haiku)

Tick-tock! Writer’s Block;
Paralysed, my brain is locked;
Which key will unlock?

Inspired to write this by Ginz’s https://wp.me/p3CYYY-2Z4


| Exercised Words. |

Why do I write?

If not to expel some rotten air that finds its way inside my lungs.

Clawing about my veins sucking dry all of the creativity it can find on its path of destruction. 86 more words