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Cuckoo Song, Frances Hardinge 

She dreamed that she was in a dressmaker’s shop to be measured, but that when she took off her own frock to try on the new one, she found she had another dress on underneath.

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Things You May Not Know About My Writing

This is one of those post circulating on Facebook and I thought I’d share it here as well. Depending on how much we talk, you may already know some of these. 566 more words


A home I can't go back to. 

Not too far from where I live, about a fifteen-minute-drive away from my house, I have another home. My mother’s home, my grandparents’ home. But I can’t go there. 375 more words

Nice and Simple

We bought a new car. It wasn’t slated into our immediate financial plan, but when awarded squat for my husband’s mashed up write-off and a whopping $5000 repair estimate for our 11 year old van ( 242 more words

Still scribbling......

all over what I’ve written.

Usually as a result of the trail of thought wandering off into the dark. Thought stalls, steam erupts from the ears, and my hand scribbles all over the page, balls it up and propels it at the bin. 92 more words


Gearing up for National Poetry Month

I’m gearing up for National Poetry Month! Are you excited too? It runs from April 1-30.
I look forward to the writing prompts and the daily encouragement. 151 more words


Writing Update

Here’s a quick update on my writing. The Hunt: A Shifter Origins Novel is about three chapters from being fully written. I’m so close to typing the words “The End!” Then, it’s edits and onto publishing! 52 more words