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Prose for 2/26/2015

Here’s a scene from a story I’m working on. For a short description of the novel, read the post here.

Hud pushed the start button on his camera and yelled over the fireworks. 538 more words

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Broken Pottery

I owned a set of three decorative pots. My mother bought them in the Rio Grande Valley where my parents lived every winter, after retirement and before my mother became too sick to travel.  229 more words

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Madonna Crosses

I took the photo last week in Sam Moon, a supermarket-sized emporium of fashion accessories. I wasn’t surprised the store carried crosses, but I was overwhelmed by the row of big, honking sparklers. 243 more words

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Where Everybody Knows Your Name

I’m back to writing at my usual haunt. Las Palapas has a new waiter. When I sit down this morning in my usual booth, he brings me a menu.  277 more words

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Comfort Zone

I named my little dog, Jasmine, because when I was heart-broken over the loss her predecessor, the floral scent of my favorite green tea helped. My children, being of Chinese descent, were tea drinkers almost from infancy. 182 more words

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Rearview Mirror for 2/22/2015

Sunday: After listening to a sermon on Gary Chapman’s book, The 5 Love Languages, we all took this test. Try it! Our results led to a hilarious discussion around the dinner table. 219 more words

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