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Update - Garry George Wilkes - Rock and Classical Composer, Lyricist and Musician

Last year I had the privilege of interviewing Garry George Wilkes who is a Rock and Classical Composer, Lyricist and Musician. Garry has been diagnosed with a number of mental health issues over the years and more recently, at only 60 years old the onset of vascular dementia. 420 more words


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A hauntingly beautiful piece of music.

Brand New Resource for Writers!

Many people have a book in their minds, or have been told that they should write a book about their experiences.  Only a small percentage actually do it, but then the hard part begins.   241 more words

A Bad Analogy Is Like A Good Analogy, Only Somehow Different

Dictionary definition:  A’nal’o’gy (noun) 1. Comparison between two things that are similar in some way, often used to help explain something or make it easier to understand. 230 more words


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I started laughing at number one and didn't stop till the last one, which is probably my favourite (a gentle Thigh Master?) lol.

Writing Prompt #49

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  It’s Writing Prompt Day!

I was searching periodically through the day for something unique, but nothing really struck me until I saw this. 75 more words


Helpful Tips for Screenwriters

I’m trying to get caught up on the dozens of emails I’ve been putting off and came upon the following useful advice.

In an effort to stay positive and prepare for the hopeful result from one of the contests I’ve entered,  I’m taking the timely articles as a sign.   182 more words


Writing Prompt #48

For this week’s Writing Prompt Challenge, I offer you the following…

I look forward to your creations!

Happy Writing!


The intricacies of a Cookbook

An Avocado Salad

This is for a cookbook that I am putting together. The intention here is to create an attractive center piece,  surrounded with guacamole in vegetables shells with corn chips, 44 more words


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A delicious recipe for a healthy salad, courtesy of https://asnappshot.wordpress.com