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Well hello there, bluebirds! Lately, I have realized I have much more in my life than I actually let myself see. It took a really hard lesson to see it, but they say experience is the best teacher.   472 more words


Addiction, through another's eyes

Twisted, dark, caught in his own fears, obsessions, paranoia.

What happened to the little boy who made everyone laugh?

I know I should go to bed, but I can not sleep; adrenalin does that. 197 more words

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"Writing a Novel: Eight Lessons Learned" … plus …. New Novel Out

1. You have to know how to work yourself out of trouble.

2. Your novel should have some sort of spinal cord, supporting and relaying things from beginning to end. 164 more words

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Mosley's Added Lesson about Fiction Narrative

From Walter Mosley’s writing handbook, it’s an exercise ostensibly to get rid of flat prose or to create something out of nothing. Mosley doesn’t like non-contributing sentences. 173 more words

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I Remember

Updated from orginal on 5/17/15

I remember your chuckle, your smile, your laugh.

I remember the crinkle in your eyes, before giving me a wink. 87 more words

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Why is this starting again?
Why am I flirting, practically sexting other men while you’re in the back of my mind?

Lingering, haunting, filling my mind with memories. 206 more words

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Sharing My Favorite Writing Blog Links

I recently read that Writer’s Digest named Jane Friedman’s blog one of the 101 best websites for writers. That’s quite an honor and well-deserved.

Ms. Friedman always has great advice for writers. 166 more words

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